DJ Shimza and Ntsiki Mazwai’s X beef is ‘below the belt’

DJ Shimza. Picture: Instagram

DJ Shimza. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 5, 2024


The beef between DJ Shimza and controversial activist and poet Ntsiki Mazwai is heating up X.

The South African personalities have social media users invested in their ongoing beef.

It started when global music sensation, Tyla won her first Grammy award.

Mazwai took to X to write, “I’m worried ukuthi what is the west up to….this is a lot of SA PR…and we love Tyla but Katt Williams was right….some are plants.”

DJ Shimza, who was rooting Tyla ever since she got nominated last year, responded with a funny video post.

Things escalated quickly when Mazwai then told DJ Shimza that he had “literally” slept his way to the top.

The DJ didn’t pull back any punches with his response, “It didn’t work for you”.

Not being one to back down from a beef easily, Mazwai hit back, calling the DJ a “clown”.

“lol we don’t move in the same circles clown….hence you have to use me for attention because when it’s only about you, nobody cares😂😂😂keep using me for clout. I know you need the attention.

“Producers and DJs with real talent are wiping the floor with your couch casted success. You are literally funded by ANC with zero hit songs just a good hook up but they don’t call it couch casting when it’s men. Not you houseboy. No.”

DJ Shimza replied: “Imagine using a has been that wakes up useless everyday to always find fault in other peoples success for clout 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you are a digital moloi wena, uthakatha on twitter 😅.”

The beef is ongoing and the back and forth exchange of words has left social media users in stitches.

@IM06_20 wrote: “I knew it was gonna be an interesting Monday after that Palesa video 😂.”