DJ Zinhle feels ‘helpless’ for being unable to help Kairo Forbes deal with AKA’s death

Kairo Forbes with her mother, DJ Zinhle. Picture: Instagram

Kairo Forbes with her mother, DJ Zinhle. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 29, 2024


It’s been almost a year since legendary rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes was shot and killed, leaving his family, friends and the “Megacy”, grief-stricken ever since.

Most of all, his daughter, Kairo Forbes, whom he shared a close relationship with, has been having a difficult time processing her emotions.

DJ Zinhle, Kairo’s mom, took to Instagram to say how hard it’s been for the 8-year-old, in the lead up to AKA’s 36th birthday, which was on Sunday, January 28.

The “Umlilo” hitmaker said that although she wanted to “heal and celebrate” AKA, it was just “too soon” for Kairo.

“Kairo had a tough week leading up to Kiernan’s birthday, as a mother, I want her to heal & celebrate her dad but it’s too soon,” she said.

DJ Zinhle said the past year had been a roller-coaster ride and that she felt “helpless” because she can’t help Kairo deal with her pain.

She thanked her husband and popular musician, Mörda, for putting aside his pride and protecting the family.

“@murdahbongz thank you for holding us close & protecting us. My prayer is that we never fail Kairo, that we always allow love & kindness to flow into her life so she never feels lost without Kiernan.

“I know that will take time but I trust God, it might not be now but God knows you’ve put pride aside for your family & I am grateful for you.

“Imagine if I was dealing with a child who lost her dad alone but instead we have each other,” she said.

DJ Zinhle thanked her family, the Jiyanes, the Mohosanas, the Forbes and AKA’s girlfriend, Nadia Nakai, for sharing the load with Mörda and herself.

“Family is love. Family is us! Happy Heavenly Birthday Kiernan. Today is gonna be a tough day. Keep @lynnforbesza & @tonydforbes in your prayers! Today feels as heavy as the day we lost him, God give us strength. 🙏🏾.”

Taking to the comments section, Nakai said: “Thank you Zi! Not only have you been strong for Kairo, but for all of us. Love you 💜.”

Local media personality K Naomi Phakathi said: “We all here for her and for you too Zinhle!🤍🙏🏽.”

Award-winning South African singer LeAnne Kistan-Dlamini said: “Thinking of you all today Zee. Especially Kairo. Big hug from all of us. Happy Heavenly Birthday to Kiernan. 🤍🪽🙏🏽.”