Faith Nketsi on co-parenting and aspirations for her daughter, Sky

Faith Nketsi and her 1-year- old daughter, Sky. Picture: Supplied

Faith Nketsi and her 1-year- old daughter, Sky. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 2, 2024


Despite being trolled on social media for her life choices, reality TV star Faith Nketsi has redirected her energy to being the best mother to her one-year-old daughter, Sky.

The “Have Faith” star, who is in the final stages of divorce from her controversial businessman husband, Nzuzo Njilo, recently shared how her life had changed in a interview with “Batswadi Magazine”.

The socialite graced the cover of the latest issue with Sky.

In the exclusive chat, she opened up about her healthy co-parenting relationship with Sky’s father, her parenting style, aspirations for her daughter and more.

“I just feel that there’s just so much more to life, before being a mother, everything was just about me.

“Everything was anchored on short-term thinking and there wasn’t really a reason to plan out a future but Sky has made life so much longer and so much more meaningful, and I wouldn’t change that for anything,” said the former dancer.

Faith Nketsi with her daughter, Sky. Picture: Supplied.

She went on to share that with Sky, she had “unlocked” a different level of love.

“I didn’t think (it) was possible. But also, being responsible for something so precious brings with it its own fears. I care about her so much, I worry about her so much, and I overthink. Motherhood has made life not about me anymore,” said Nketsi.

She said balancing her career and being a mother was difficult because she did not want to miss out on Sky’s milestones.

“I had to prioritise what was more important to me, this is also my first experience. So I had to cut down on a lot of things that were taking away time from my daughter, that is probably the biggest change that happened.”

On co-parenting, she added: “I have a very healthy co-parenting relationship with her father and my mother is there full-time supporting us, including my tribe that is so supportive.”

Overall, Nketsi’s journey into motherhood has transformed her in profound ways, enriching her life and giving her a newfound sense of purpose and fulfilment.