‘Forever our KING’: Shona Ferguson remembered with Hollywood-inspired tombstone

Shona Ferguson’s heartfelt tribute. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Shona Ferguson’s heartfelt tribute. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Feb 13, 2024


Shona Ferguson was a talented actor and film producer who died from complications related to Covid-19 on July 30, 2021.

Since his passing, his wife Connie Ferguson and others have found various ways to honour his memory.

There has been a special ceremony held to unveil Shona’s tombstone. The ceremony had a white theme where attendees dressed to impress and it took place over the weekend.

Shona’s tombstone was designed to resemble a star, similar to those seen on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The event was organised by Nono Events, who did an exceptional job decorating the venue. Their work impressed many on social media.

Connie conveyed her appreciation to Nono Events for their exceptional work, expressing gratitude for their dedication and for making the event truly memorable.

She described Shona as their king and emphasised that the event was a fitting tribute to him.

“@nono_events – Thank you for always going above and beyond! Always exceeding expectations! You executed beautifully, Nono and team, and my family and I are so grateful! So befitting SHO. Forever our KING.”

Familiar faces were seen at the ceremony as well. The ladies were pleasantly surprised by an intimate performance from @bondo_za.

The caption to the video read: “@bondo_za surprised the ladies with a performance plus a song made just for @connie_ferguson what more can we ask, for you can see by their faces they loved it.”

@connie_ferguson said: “@bongane_sax – This was so sweet.🥹 I love him! He’s talented!🙌🏾❤️ @bondo_za”