Lizzo called out for hypocrisy following viral ‘body positivity’ video

Lizzo. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Lizzo. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Apr 12, 2024


Lizzo's recent social media activity has stirred up discussion once more. In a video, she seems to be promoting body positivity but some people are calling her out for being inconsistent.

She was previously accused of criticising her dancers for their size.

Now, she's posting videos of herself in a swimsuit, joking about getting a “summer body”. Some find it hypocritical.

She's seen exercising on a treadmill, giving out “advice”, then casually tossing her phone into a pool, telling people to block their exes. She even jokes about hydrating “excessively” while reaching for a bottle of wine.

It's like she's doing a dance routine with contradictory moves! On one hand, she's preaching about self-love and acceptance but then she's caught in the act doing stuff that contradicts those very messages.

It's like saying, “Yeah, go ahead and love yourself, but also, here's a big ol' serving of mixed signals.”

When influential figures do this, it's like they're throwing a curveball into the already confusing body image and health game. And that game doesn't need any more twists and turns.

In her Instagram post she wrote: “❌❌❌ Cus EVERY DAMN BODY is a Summer Body in @yitty ❌❌❌.”

However, the post didn't go down well with some of Lizzo's followers.

@mugmasterog commented: “We care about the health. Most people aren’t hating. They just see a talented person and want to make sure health is at the forefront. That is all.”

@tammytutu73 commented: “I really don’t think you should be using your platform to promote ‘excessive hydrating’. I know it’s meant as a joke, but young people follow you and model your behaviour.“

“Agree so much. But not every summer body is healthy. Remember that,” @mikkel_razmussen wrote.

@dawalkingmasterpiece717 referred to her recent statement where she said she’ll be quitting music. “I thought you was done??? Please stop.”

But apparently she just tired of “getting dragged”.

However, others rooted for the star and her body image.

@silas1saiah wrote: “SHE CAME BACK TO BE BETTER THAN EVER 🎶✨”

@anastasialynnedunn: “You're rockin' it, girlie! ✊ Never change a thing!”

“Love Lizzo… she is showing to the world especially younger folks that we can be beautiful regardless of conforming to beauty standards,” @jess__tunes wrote.

Lizzo's backup dancers previously filed a lawsuit over an alleged hostile workplace environment and claims of weight shaming and sexual harassment.

However, Lizzo denied the claims.