Loot Love opens up about how motherhood changed her life

Loot Love with her twin girls. Picture: Instagram

Loot Love with her twin girls. Picture: Instagram

Published Apr 8, 2024


Like many other mothers, Loot Love, real name Luthando Shosha, experiences daily challenges with her kids.

Her recent interview assured many overwhelmed mothers that they aren’t alone in feeling this way.

She, like many other mothers, experiences day to day challenges with her children.

The media personality was a recent guest on DJ Fresh’s popular “WAW What a Week” podcast, where she spoke candidly about how becoming a mother has changed her life.

“Start your day with prayer, have lots of tequila on deck, you might want to have a shot at 9am. Welcome complete chaos in your life but also the purest form of love,” joked the mother of 5-year-old twin girls, Zanothando and Sisizwe.

The TV and radio presenter shared that she has learnt so much more about herself by navigating everyday motherhood challenges with her kids.

“I am learning that I am stronger than I thought I was. I have stretched in unimaginable ways in the last five years … that I am actually super-human because I don’t understand how we get through each day at times.

“I’m more patient than I’ve ever thought I was and I’m learning that I’m quite feisty and opinionated, I argue with two versions of myself every single day,” she said.

Loot Love, who returned to Metro FM this month to co-host “The Touch Down” with Tbo Touch, said the art of negotiating with her kids has been a great advantage when dealing with people in her daily life.

“It’s put me in a better place to negotiate with people. I really have more patience with people, I am more empathic, I understand people more. I am not as reactive as I used to be. I also don’t feel like I need to constantly fight for people to hear or validate me.

“I know my value and if something doesn’t make sense then I am really okay with saying no. I had a (work) offer the year before – it didn’t make sense and I wasn’t scared to say no.”

She said children help you to “turn it down a little” and they “humble you a lot”.

“I get humbled everyday, mostly in the first 10 minutes of waking up. There’s nothing like a morning routine to just sort you out. Just negotiating to brush teeth, outfits, having breakfast, getting out the house, hair, it’s wow!

“(Through this) you learn the art of showing up, whether you want to or not, whether you in the mood or not and it really goes into the rest of your life, work life, in some cases, your love life, but just that learning how to wake up when you don’t want to, will change your whole life.”

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