North West is the youngest artist to hit Spotify’s Top 50 with ‘Vultures 1’ debut

North West. Picture: INSTAGRAM

North West. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Feb 21, 2024


In the world of showbiz, where age is nothing but a number, 10-year-old North West is proving just that. Her debut collaboration on Kanye West's (aka Ye) album “Vultures 1” has taken the child star to new heights.

Making history, she has soared to reach Spotify’s Top 50 Global Chart, becoming the youngest artist ever to achieve such a milestone.

The song, “Talking/Once Again”, featured on her father’s album has played a role in North’s expected success, launching her to the top of Spotify’s charts at a remarkably young age.

Ye took to Reddit to share the news, expressing his joy: “North West, at only 10 years old, has become the youngest artist ever to enter Spotify’s Top 50 Global Chart”.

North West is the youngest artist ever to enter the Top 50 Global Chart on Spotify at only 10 years old
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Ye’s decision to feature his daughter on the album showcases his belief in her abilities, further cementing her position as a rising star.

However, some Reddit users raised concerns about the implications of North’s early success.

Questions about nepotism and the pressures of fame on a young child were raised, reflecting broader societal conversations about the treatment of child stars in the industry.

@JimmyB3574 commented: “Funnily enough I was just having a talk with my friends about how Eminem and Jay Z realised they needed to change their music because of realising how it’d affect their daughters.

“And then we have Mr West on here with the classic beautiful big-tittied butt-naked women just down out the sky ya know.”

Another @Electrical-Rabbit157 wrote: “So when an actual young artist makes a song in the Spotify top global 50 are we gonna give them the credit or no? That’s my only real problem with handing out nepo awards and titles like this.”

Dry-Significance-948 added, with unmistakable sarcasm: “That’ll be super healthy for her at such a young age, just look at all the other kid superstars ... ”

While @zachariah120 wrote: “I mean if she wants to be doing this that’s one thing, but like a kid should be having fun being a kid and not worrying about this life so early.”

In addition, North recently shared a drawing on TikTok depicting her stepmother, Bianca Censori, who appeared half naked on West’s album cover.

In the video, North shared a diary page with instructions to write three things she’s grateful for. She expressed gratitude for the “Vultures 1” album, black vultures and the song “Carnival”.

“Carnival” isn’t just about sweets and amusement rides – it’s got some explicit stuff going on.

Although the post was deleted – for obvious reasons – it has raised questions about parental supervision and Kim Kardashian’s role in overseeing her daughter’s online activity.