Phat Joe not impressed by MacG’s interview with him on the ‘Podcast and Chill’ Live Nation Tour

Phat Joe. Picture: Instagram

Phat Joe. Picture: Instagram

Published May 8, 2024


Multimedia personality Phat Joe, did not mince his words after his recent interview with MacG at the Cape Town leg of the “Podcast and Chill” Live Nation Tour.

The first sold-out event was at the Star Theatre with comedian, Mpho Popps, on MC duty.

Comedian and ventriloquist Conrad Koch and his dear friend, Chester Missing were also in the house to entertain chillers before Phat Joe entered the chat.

While chillers who attended enjoyed the interview and the event on the whole, Phat Joe was not impressed with MacG’s interviewing skills.

In a video taken shortly after his interview with MacG, Phat Joe openly shared his thoughts on the event.

He said: “I thought it sucked – it was horrible. I think MacG and them are a bunch of amateurs, they have a lot to learn, but you know what, sometimes you have to go through horrible experiences to learn.

“I think that in time, he'll get better. The nice thing is that he doesn't give, he comes back again and again and again, it’s like a boxer who keeps getting knocked down but he gets up, so that’s cool. He will learn, eventually he’ll know how to fight.

“I think that you couldn’t have asked for a better situation.

“I didn’t know what to expect; the crowd, the energy was incredible, Mac seemed to be enjoying it, he’s a little inebriated, but you know…”

The feedback received mixed reactions from social media users.

“Show was indeed pathetic, abo MacG they forcing way too much,” commented @vanscalo on X.

@savenoho wrote: “That's crazy. it was a great episode.”

@mohlomiii said: “I agree. Missed opportunity to create a very good show. Mac was p**s drunk and not on his A-game.”

— Mohlomi (@mohlomiii) May 7, 2024