‘Thunder from Down Under’ strippers give new meaning to home renovations on ‘Flip the Strip’

“Thunder From Down Under” performers by night and expert tradesman by day. Picture: Supplied

“Thunder From Down Under” performers by night and expert tradesman by day. Picture: Supplied

Published Nov 13, 2023


Cheekiness, comedy and over the top designs come to life in HGTV’s newest home renovation show, “Flip the Strip”.

Currently, on its third episode, it features Australian hotties - Ben Cleary, Dan Paterson, Liam Black, and Malik Wills-Martin - from the male revue “Thunder from Down Under”.

The hour-long episodes allow viewers to indulge in a lot of eye candy, as these Las Vegas-based stars team up with interior designer Kelly Stone to undertake extraordinary home transformations.

Home reno-lovers can look forward to next-level, casino-inspired aesthetics replete with eye-catching chandeliers, innovative bar setups, and daring artwork that push traditional design norms' boundaries.

What sets “Flip the Strip” apart from other home makeover shows is its unique blend of interior design, construction and entertainment.

Each episode is fused with creativity, drama and emotion, creating an experience that goes beyond the visual transformation of spaces.

"Viewers should tune in because we're not just about renovating houses, but about telling stories and crafting experiences,“ said Cleary.

Black added: “Snippets of us performing and working on the job during the day are sure to keep viewers captivated.”

Speaking about how the show came about, Paterson revealed that it was organic.

“We were all in trade back at home. It all started with people asking us to perform little tasks, such as hanging up a TV, and it grew from there.

“We then decided to combine our two lives and make a bit of money from both. Then the production team approached us, and we were stoked! We tried to make the most of it by merging both lifestyles.

“We realised that the drama, creativity, and storytelling skills we've honed in our entertainment careers could be applied to the world of renovation and design.

“This idea was exciting, and we believed it could bring a fresh perspective to the home makeover genre.”

Although the men came with some level of experience in construction, they admitted that they have really upped their game through the show.

“We’re continuously learning... learning how to take advantage of spaces in other parts of the world where the architecture is different.

“By delving into the stories of homeowners, we've learned to empathise with their needs and dreams, which has enriched our approach to design and construction and we've discovered that combining our diverse skills and perspectives leads to more innovative and successful projects.”

Determined to offer viewers more than just their jaw-dropping physiques, they all bring their own unique skills sets to the show.

“We bring a good work ethic and energy. It’s a dynamic blend of passion, enthusiasm, and a commitment to excellence,” said Cleary.

Patterson added: “We deeply connect with the homeowners and their stories; this emotional energy fuels our dedication to making their dreams come true.

“We're not afraid to push the boundaries of design and construction, bringing innovative and creative energy to each project.”

And offering some advice to kick off your next home renovation, Paterson said, “Take it slow, don’t rush.

“YouTube has a couple of great individuals that can teach you renovation tips and tricks but other than that, take your time.

“Measure twice, cut once. Its really not as hard as it looks, don’t take it too seriously, have fun!

“Take the time to research materials, contractors, and design ideas. Planning is key to avoiding costly mistakes and delays.”

∎ “Flip the Strip” airs every Wednesday on HGTV (DStv channel 302) at 9pm.