WATCH: Kairo Forbes says the darndest thing about her mom: ‘She doesn’t know how to cook’

Kairo Forbes. Picture: Instagram

Kairo Forbes. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 20, 2024


Kids will always tell the truth, no matter how embarrassing it is to their parents.

That’s exactly what Kairo Forbes did to her DJ mom, Zinhle Jiyane.

In a viral video making the rounds on social media, the 8-year-old answered a round of rapid fire questions and the answers were not what one would have expected.

Asked what was her favourite cartoon of all time, she quickly responded, “‘Dexter's Laboratory’, since it was daddy’s (Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes’) favourite.”

Watch video below:

When asked what was her favourite food, that her mother, DJ Zinhle, prepares for her, Kairo innocently revealed that her mother doesn’t know how to cook.

“My mom doesn’t cook for me. She doesn’t know how to cook.”

When probed a bit more by the interviewer, Kairo said, “She likes to cook breakfast: eggs.”

Kairo was then asked what makes her grandfather, Tony Forbes, a good grandpa, she hugged papa Tony tightly and said, “That he makes good eggs (laughs), and he loves me.”

After watching the video, X users took to the comments section saying that they were heartbroken for Kairo while others defended DJ Zinhle for only knowing how to cook eggs.

@SthembiD said: “I’m sure she has a helper that does most of the cooking … It’s very common in households where moms also work … Yhooo a woman can’t do it all hey”

@Amza_5 said: “She did say on her show that she hates cooking, so she pays someone to cooks for them. Why not if she can afford it? 😌If I had her money, I'd also do the same since I hate cooking 😩.”

@I_am_Bucie wrote: “She provides the food that her kids eat. She’s a working mum she doesn’t have to cook.”