WATCH: Prince Kaybee opens up about being homeless on ‘L-Tido’ podcast

Prince Kaybee. Picture: Instagram.

Prince Kaybee. Picture: Instagram.

Published Jun 7, 2024


Renowned music producer and entrepreneur, Kabelo “Prince Kaybee” Motsamai recently visited the “L-Tido” podcast, where he provided clarity on some issues that has keep him on top of the trends list.

But before he got into that, he told L-Tido about how he came to fame in the music industry.

“Before I got into the fame I was very self-less, I use to do things that were very disgusting in a way, because I come from the streets, bro... When you are on the streets there is quite a lot that happens.

“I left home after dropping out of Grade 11. I went to Bloemfontein, started hustling, I never told my mom where I was going. I was gone for a good three or four years, never saw my mom. So I was in the streets (homeless).

“After I became a resident DJ at a club, the owner said I could sleep in the back office and on weekends at my girlfriend’s home,” shared Kaybee.

The award-winning producer spoke of how he DJ’d six days a week.

“That’s the period I produced one of my biggest hits, and it’s my mom’s favourite, it’s called ‘Better Days’. I produced it in the back office where I slept.”

Kaybee went on to say that even after dropping “Better Days” he was still broke but then he later dropped “Charlotte”.

“There are times where music travels faster than you, it’s bigger than you, and you need to catch up. By the time bookings come and SAMRO registers your name, you’ve got a backlog of debt. You have to be patient and trust your catalogue.”

Speaking about his presence on social media that has him trending every other day, Kaybee said, “The issue is that people try to understand you beyond your music and then they find out, ‘oh this person talks too much, I don’t like his character’.

“Now it’s not about the music anymore. I’ve been in a lot of fights in my life just because I want to stand up for myself... People have conclusions about me that are so misinformed. I can’t explain my life to social media.”

The “Charlotte” hitmaker also confessed during the interview that his current relationship with God is “sh**”.

He blamed his estranged relationship with God on fame, women and too much of self-belief.

“My relationship with God has gone to sh**s,” he said.

Talking about his various beefs with fellow industry peers like NaakMusiQ, he detailed how the banter started and then spiralled.

Kaybee said that the two use to banter about the cars they drove.

“Anga is a BMW guy and I’m a Mercedes guy. I use to tell him that his car is ugly, it’s like boat... I could tell how competitive I am. It gradually taps into being petty if you take it to far, and I will go that far. I don’t let off, I always go in until the man is down.

Kaybee said when NaakMusiQ couldn’t take the banter, he passed the comment, “I drove BMWs before you even made it.”

“It was starting to get very toxic, next it was going to get to bank account balances and who got what ... the banter was not there anymore, it became more serious and I was like ‘My ni**a, I don’t appreciate that.”

Kaybee said: “Tido, I come from fear, a bit of love, rejection, sacrifices, some unexpected circumstances in my life, where if I have to tap into the demon I used to tap into to survive back in the streets, I don’t see myself coming back from that, so if you want to take it that far, it’s there until you are down.”

About his beef with Grammy-Award-winning DJ, Black Coffee, Kaybee shared that after he beat him for an award, Black Coffee “came after his craft”.

“This one person that I expected to say ‘Congratulations, I was with you in the category’, You know what he says, his remix is better than those in the category because it’s an international remix, it was celebrated internationally.

“I’ve never seen him the same since. It was just an anti-climax.”

Watch the full episode below: