WATCH: Trevor Noah shares hilarious dance-off experience with Usher at Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s after-party

Emmy award-winning comedian, Trevor Noah. Picture: Instagram

Emmy award-winning comedian, Trevor Noah. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 26, 2024


Trevor Noah fans know that he’s able of captivating audiences through his mesmerising storytelling and his latest story is no different.

The former “The Daily Show” host and comedian had studio audience and viewers of “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” in stitches, after he shared a story about how he lost a dance battle against R&B superstar, Usher Raymond.

Colbert interviewed Noah about the upcoming 66th Grammy Awards, which is set to take place on Sunday, February 4 at the Arena in Los Angeles.

The Emmy award-winning comedian will be hosting the event for the fourth consecutive year.

In a short video clip posted by Noah on Instagram, Colbert asked him to talk about the time he got “dragged onto the dance floor by Usher”.

In response, Noah said it was one of the “wildest things ever”.

“So every year after the Oscars Beyoncé and Jay-Z will host a party that nobody gets invited to, if you do get invited, you basically just disown your family... like I’m going.

“This party is amazing, it’s like the craziest thing ever. So I got invited one year. Now sometimes I think people have made a mistake, but I take it and run with it, I go,” said Noah.

He continued to say that he was on the dance floor, having a good time when in stepped Usher.

“Now normally when you’re on the dance floor, you are dancing with people who have the same or similar level of skill that you do in dancing. We do our thing.

“There was a moment in the night when Usher steps on to the dance floor, now, I don’t know if you know Usher, but if you do, you know that his body moves in ways that no other person’s can.

“So I’m there doing relatively well by amateur standards. Usher steps in and he starts to ‘Usher’... I don’t know if you’ve seen his shows in Vegas. Like he dances for people and you see people look at their spouse like ‘I don’t know about this anymore’.

“Usher starts dancing, in a fun way, not challenging me, and then he looks at me like, ‘Lets go’. But I’m like, I have no where to go to Usher.”

At this point the studio audience are roaring with laughter.

He continued: “You can dance off with someone in your office, that’s a dance off. This is Usher... So he starts moving, then everything I do feels wrong... I just stood there and I looked at him.

“He was very gracious about it, but his hips were looking at me like ‘Mxh nah’.”

Not only did Noah’s story leave social media users in stitches but, in true Noah style, they also took to the comments to compliment him for painting a very vivid picture of the event.

“Nobody tells a story like Trevor 😂😂😂 it's like we're right there with you ..and so invested to the end,” said @francescajj9210.

@prycejd wrote: “The use of vivid language and imagery creates a perfect backdrop for a wonderful story. I teleported to the event and saw it all. Thanks 🙏🏽 Trevor!😍.”

“I love how he tells stories. The behind series it's what I miss most about him hosting The Daily Show,” wrote @pat.ieko.

“😂😂😂😂 🫶🏼 it. The way you explain it it’s like we’re there and we could just imagine what it looks like. Well done,” said @alysky228.