5 make-up products to help you achieve that soft-glam look

A good make-up brush and a spoolie are a must.

A good make-up brush and a spoolie are a must.

Published May 28, 2024


Soft glam is one of the trending make-up trends and it looks set to stay for a little longer.

The reason it’s trending is because, unlike a full-face beat, soft glam is simple and doesn’t require a lot of products.

Make-up is so expensive that it’s best to keep things minimal yet elegant.

The top five products you need for a soft-glam look are listed below:


It doesn’t matter what look you go for, you must prime your face before applying concealer, foundation or tinted serum on your face.

Tinted serum

Unlike foundation, a tinted serum is affordable and doesn’t require a lot of blending. The product is a winner because it gives enough coverage without highlighting the make-up effect. If anything, it gives you a luminous look.

Soft glam is currently on trend.

Eyebrow spoolie

You don’t need an eyebrow gel because you can always use a Sunlight green bar soap to set your eyebrows, but you do need a spoolie to brush them and keep them in shape. Also, you need a good foundation brush to smoothly apply the tinted serum.

Eyebrow pencil

An eyebrow pencil is the best option over an eye-liner because it is versatile. You can use it to fill in your eyebrows and line your under eyes and lips. It’s one of the best make-up tools you can own.

Pink lipstick

A light pink lipstick is a must-have because it can be used on lips and cheeks. Remember, you’re on a budget and you don’t want to overdo it, so lipstick will work fine on those cheeks.

And if you want your lips to be a bit glossy but don’t have lip gloss, worry not because petroleum jelly can always come to the rescue. It’s a household item you can never go wrong with.