Celebrity skincare tips and what works for them

Mpoomy Ledwaba, Dr Dudu Kgoebane and Zuraida Jardine.

Mpoomy Ledwaba, Dr Dudu Kgoebane and Zuraida Jardine.

Published May 3, 2024


Skin is the largest organ of our bodies and should be treated with extra care. While we may be exposed to the same environments, we cannot shy away from the fact that our skin is not the same and, therefore, requires different treatments.

I recently attended a Dove event in Sandton, where the personal care brand was launching a new range of body creams just in time for winter.

Most of the people there had gorgeous skin, which made me curious about their skincare routines, which probably included never skipping on using sunscreen.

As much there are similarities in skincare practices, they do, however, have different routines to cater for their skincare type.

Zuraida Jardine

As a person who is usually in make-up due to the nature of her work, Jardine said she doesn’t wear make-up on her off days.

“My skincare routine as I’m getting older becomes more intentional. When I was younger, I just took advantage of the fact that I’ve got good skin and that my skin was always going to be firm and have lots of elasticity and collagen, and as I get older, I realise that’s not happening.

“Because I’m on television, I wear a lot of thick make-up, so I make sure I give my skin some breaks.

“I make sure that I cleanse my skin once a day. I don’t over-cleanse because, sometimes, over-cleansing takes away the natural oils, so I become more aware of these little things that are important for our skin.

“On the days that I am not working, I don’t wear make-up. On the days that I am working, I take extra care of my skin. I use a moisturiser, a cleanser, an under-eye cream and a serum,” she said.

Zuraida Jardine. Picture: Instagram.

Mpoomy Ledwaba

The founder of Wisdom and Wellness said that when it came to skincare, she liked to keep it simple and that sunscreen was a must. She advised those starting to take their skincare routines seriously not to complicate things.

Mpoomy Ledwaba. Picture: Shaun Desousa.

“I think we are in an era where we know too much and want to do too much. It’s important to know if you have dry skin, oily skin or just normal skin and make a decision on what products you should get based on your skin,” Ledwaba said.

“When you start making a little bit of extra money, make sure you go for a facial now and then; oxygen facial or a peel. I believe in peels; I try to get one at least once a month or every two months.”

Dr Dudu Kgoebane

The lifestyle influencer said she is big on hydration and moisturising because she had dry skin.

“If there’s one step I don’t skip in my skincare routine, it’s sunscreen. Growing up, we didn’t use sunscreen, that’s why most of us have so much pigmentation, because we were not educated on the importance of sunscreen.

“I’m trying to address the damage that the sun caused when I was younger,” she said.

Dr Dudu Kgoebane. Picture: Instagram.

Thobi Rose

For someone who’s always travelling, Rose loves using oils and serums to keep her skin moisturised and hydrated.

“I don’t have dry skin, but I do have sensitive skin. The biggest thing for me is making sure my skin is moisturised and making sure the moisture stays a lot longer than how it would usually be.

“I have a lot of stretch marks on my boobs and my thighs, so being able to moisturise those areas is very important,” Rose said.

She also advised that when trying out skin products, don’t look at the price tag, rather check for active ingredients to see if they would work on your skin.

Thobi Rose. Picture: Instagram.

Botlhale Boikanyo

The poet, who never skips cleansing and enjoys dedication self-care days to nurture her skin, said people should be careful not to follow everyone’s routine without proper research.

“Do your research on the type of skin that you have. Sometimes, we look at content creators and apply their routines, but you need to know your skin type and find products that cater to your skin.

“And most importantly, whether it’s summer or winter, always wear your SPF.“

Botlhale Boikanyo. Picture: Instagram.

Khutsho Theledi

The radio presenter and DJ said she always washes her face with cold water. It helps her look fresh.

“The most important part of my routine is icing my face. I wash my face with cold water every single day. Putting an ice block on the pimple helps with inflammation.”

Khutso Theledi. Picture: Phias The Photographer.


The singer, who has always been a skincare girl, takes supplements to take care of her skin from the inside out.

Thabsi. Picture: Instagram.