Digital fitness frenzy: Fitness websites flex with over 30% surge in traffic

Pages related to diets and supplements attracted 361.6 million visits . Picture: Brett Jordan /Unsplash

Pages related to diets and supplements attracted 361.6 million visits . Picture: Brett Jordan /Unsplash

Published Apr 3, 2024


In the digital age, it seems like everyone's looking for the secret sauce to staying fit, and the numbers are in to prove it!

According to a study by, these sites have seen a sweat-breaking 31.68% increase in clicks and scrolls over the past five years.

Now, before you think it's just the gents pumping up these numbers, let me tell you, the ladies are right there with them, sharing the digital dumbbells almost equally.

According to the study, the 50 most popular fitness websites received 2.2 billion visits in 2023 alone. And get this, 51.92% of those visits were by men, while women were hot on their heels with 48.08%.

The top three hotspots are training tips, grabbing a hefty 23% of eyeballs; diet and supplement scoops, with 17%; and fitness blogs, bench-pressing a respectable 15% of the traffic. It's clear that when it comes to getting fit, variety is the spice of life.

8 categories that show the most interest of fitness enthusiasts. Picture:Supplied

When it comes to where these fitness fanatics are, America's taking the gold medal, hosting over half the traffic with 54.37%. The UK's not slacking either, snagging the silver with 8.36%, and Canada's on the podium too, with 4.57%.

From 2019 to 2023, the fitness web world has been bulking up big time, with visits to the top 50 sites pumping from 1.5 billion to 2.2 billion. That's not just a little growth spurt; that's a full-on fitness frenzy.

Fitness industry: Website visits by category, 2023

While digging deeper into the information, Gymnearx identified eight significant categories that show the most interest in fitness enthusiasts, which are discussed below.

Training: The training category dominated with 488 million visits (23%), reflecting a global preference for dynamic and at-home fitness solutions, including e-fitness and online workout tutorials.

Diets and supplements: Pages related to diets and supplements attracted 361.6 million visits (17%), highlighting a growing awareness of the role of nutrition alongside physical training in achieving fitness goals.

Fitness blog: With 329.5 million visits (15%), the fitness blog category indicates a strong interest in in-depth fitness knowledge, pointing to the value of quality, informative content beyond quick tips.

Fitness gear: Nearly 300 million visits (14%) to fitness gear-related pages show extensive research and comparison by consumers seeking the best products to enhance their fitness journey.

Fitness centres: Brick-and-mortar gyms and fitness centres received 250.8 million visits (12%), suggesting that users extensively research before committing to a gym membership, prioritising factors like location, facilities and community.

Community: Despite being smaller in page count, online fitness forums and communities accounted for 8%, with 166.6 million visits, underscoring the importance of social support and shared experiences in the fitness journey.

Tools and calculators: A total of 137.4 million visits were made to tools and calculators (6%), indicating users' proactive approach to fitness by tracking progress and emphasising measurable results.

Top 10 countries with the most fitness interest, 2023

Although every country has more or less interest in the fitness world, Gymnearx found below 10 countries with the most visits to the top fitness websites.

1. America

With 1.27 billion visits annually, averaging around 106 million monthly, America demonstrates a strong commitment to fitness, boasting nearly 375,000 visits per 100,000 Americans annually.

2. United Kingdom

The UK secured 196 million annual visits, with a monthly average of 16.3 million, translating to 289,000 visits per 100,000 Brits annually, showcasing a robust fitness culture.

3. Canada

Canadians logged 107.1 million visits annually, averaging 8.9 million monthly, reflecting an enthusiasm for fitness with 276,000 visits per 100,000 people annually.

4. Australia

Australia contributed 54.2 million visits annually, or 4.5 million monthly, with over 204,000 visits per 100,000 Australians yearly, highlighting a strong emphasis on fitness and outdoor activities.

5. Norway

Norway recorded 9.1 million visits annually, averaging 758.3K monthly, with 166,800 visits per 100,000 people yearly, indicating a society valuing physical health and outdoor pursuits.

6. Netherlands

The Netherlands saw 29.2 million visits annually, around 2.4 million monthly, with 165,670 visits per 100,000 Dutch each year, reflecting a culture prioritising active living and physical health.

7. Singapore

Singapore tallied 9.8 million visits annually, roughly 816.7K monthly, with 162,230 visits per 100,000 individuals yearly, showcasing a high interest in fitness, supported by urban wellness initiatives.

8. New Zealand

New Zealand's 8.0 million annual visits, averaging 666.7K monthly, translate to 152,340 visits per 100,000 people yearly, reflecting engagement with nature and fitness.

9. Ireland

Ireland garnered 7.5 million visits annually, roughly 625,000 monthly, leading to 147,850 visits per 100,000 Irish annually, indicating an emerging fitness culture.

10. Lebanon

Lebanon reached 7.4 million visits in 2023, with monthly averages of around 616.7K, demonstrating resilience and a focus on health with 139,090 visits per 100,000 people annually despite facing challenges.