Fans not sold on Rihanna’s new haircare line

Rihanna for Fenty Hair. Picture: Instagram

Rihanna for Fenty Hair. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 10, 2024


The internet is divided following the announcement of Rihanna’s haircare line, Fenty Hair.

The businesswoman announced the launch of Fenty Hair, a range of haircare products for everyone, last week.

While some fans are happy with this new venture, many are not sold, because she wore a pixie cut wig to promote the haircare line instead of her natural hair.

They argued that if you are selling hair shampoos and moisturisers, the least you could do is show off your hair.

Instead, Riri made things worse when she wore the same wig and washed it using her new hair products as if it were her natural hair.

“Rihanna is such a scammer, made y’all defend her the entire day that she is not washing a wig, LMAO no wonder she is a billionaire. Go buy Fenty Hair,” commented @mihailo____.

For damage control, she then decided to wear her natural hair out and its short curls. As expected, her fans came to her rescue, applauding her for being so bold.

“Let’s go, RiRi. The haters are gonna hate,” commented @backdoordisnuts.

However, the Navy (Rihanna’s fans) defence force didn’t stop people from comparing her to Beyoncé, who launched a haircare range, Cécred, in February this year.

Unlike Rihanna, Beyoncé showed her natural hair and did a wash day tutorial to show her fans how to use her products.

“If this was Beyoncé y’all would’ve dragged her for trying to sell hair products while barely having any hair. So please keep the same energy,” commented @badbjtchb.

Another social media user, @Rocksteady00, said: “If that was Beyoncé releasing a haircare line with her hair in that damaged state, she would have been dragged to the depths of hell. The thinking pieces would have been for the rest of the year.”

Below are more reactions from people not sold on Rihanna’s haircare line.

— Elite Boba 🧋 (@pholanthropist) June 9, 2024