Fans react to Bianca Censori’s barely there outfits

Kanye West with his wife Bianca Censori. Picture: Instagram.

Kanye West with his wife Bianca Censori. Picture: Instagram.

Published Mar 25, 2024


There is a thin line between self-expression and public indecency and Kanye West’s wife, Bianca Censori, has been crossing it a lot lately because of her style, or lack thereof.

When she’s not wearing stockings as pants or small bikini bras that show off the sides of her breasts, Censori has her buns out.

While everyone has the right to dress however they want, we also cannot shy away from the fact that being naked in public is indecent. In other countries you may even get arrested for it.

A picture of Censori wearing a silver bra and matching panties paired with a short skirt that revealed her naked bottom and the front of her panties has been trending on social media, and people are concerned.

— Nice Sam (@NiceSamee) March 21, 2024

What worries them is that West is always fully dressed while his wife, on the other hand, is always half-naked, which makes everyone wonder of she’s doing that willingly.

“Kanye West’s wife is obviously going through something very dark and her public nudity is not something we should be laughing at.

“At 29, she should know better, but that still doesn’t explain the absence of her family. If I paraded myself naked, even at 29, my dad would lock me in the basement. Rightfully so,” said @gracezilbersh.

Meanwhile, West posted a picture of Censori lying on a gigantic bed, and surprisingly, she’s full clothed – which raised eyebrows.

One follower, @clairebella1717, asked: “Why’s she got more clothes on in bed than when she goes outside?”

Nonetheless, we hope that Censori will start wearing clothes like everyone else because, if social media comments are anything to go by, the people are tired.