Kim Kardashian’s Skims Valentine collection crashes the internet

Lana Del Rey for Skims. Picture: Nadia Lee Cohen.

Lana Del Rey for Skims. Picture: Nadia Lee Cohen.

Published Jan 24, 2024


Kim Kardashian is a rock star influencer of note. She’s broken the internet several times but the latest one is for the books.

On Tuesday, January 23, she launched her new Valentine 2024 collection and before you knew it, the Skims website had crashed.

This is because the reality TV star collaborated with musician Lana Del Re as the face of the collection and people couldn’t wait to get their hands on the collection.

Also, the collection has something for everyone, even puppies. For example, there is a cotton jersey embroidered T-shirt with a matching thong and a cotton fleece embroidered pet hoodie to match your fur baby.

Some of our favourite pieces in the collection include a woven shine lace long dress, a sculpting bodysuit, a stretch satin lace cropped corset and low-rise slip skirt and a candy bra and underwear.

Within a few hours the collection was sold out and people asked for restocking.

“So are you guys restocking the sold-out Valentine stuff for the people whose orders weren’t properly completed because the website wasn’t working?” asked @theacrisham.

After seeing the responses from many clients who couldn’t shop due to the website crashing, Kardashian personally addressed them.

“Due to record-breaking traffic and unprecedented demand for our Valentine’s Day launch, our Skims site has crashed. Shopify is working to resolve the issue ASAP.

“If you were unable to check out, please try to do so again soon, and we will also notify you when we are fully back up again. Thank you for your patience,” she wrote.

The website is up and running but most pieces from the new collection are sold out.