LOOK: Inside Rich Mnisi’s SS24 collection

Blue rose crossover jacket and wing shorts by Rich Mnisi. Picture: Instagram.

Blue rose crossover jacket and wing shorts by Rich Mnisi. Picture: Instagram.

Published Mar 14, 2024


South African designer Rich Mnisi continues to defy societal norms through fashion.

Mnisi recently launched his Spring/Summer 24 collection, and it’s impressive.

With yellow and blue being the dominant colours, this collection consists of statement pieces such as the path honeycomb range, swimwear, rope dress and a handkerchief dress.

In this collection, the designer combines versatility and formality, proving that fashion is non-binary and should be treated as such.

“Versatility meets formality. A twist on the classic blazer, cropped just below the chest to reveal the rib cage, cutout corseted back, worn with wide-leg trousers to create sculptural dimension,” Mnisi explained, in response to one of the statement pieces that can be worn by anyone irrespective of their gender.

The honeycomb range includes knitted see-through pieces that are fashion-forward, allowing the skin to breathe without baring it all out.

Rich Mnisi honeycomb set. Picture: Instagram.

Meanwhile, the designer is currently hosting a solo exhibition of collectable design at the Southern Guild Gallery in Cape Town.

At this exhibition, Mnisi showcases some of the finest furniture pieces.

“Comprising sculptural bronze furniture and lighting, as well as a hand-woven limited-edition rug, ‘Dzuvula’ is an expansion on the cosmology of duality that emerged with the designer’s debut collection, ‘Nyoka’ (2021).

“This new body of work complicates the interplay of the mundane and the magical, the matriarchal and magisterial - themes that have emanated from the artist’s embrace of fluidity as a guiding philosophy and aesthetic approach,” reads a statement from the brand.

Nyoka by Rich Mnisi. Picture: Instagram.

“The snake - with its embodiment of fear and beauty - makes a reappearance, the undulating arcs of its movement distorting and disrupting borders and edges.

“Collaborating closely with Southern Guild to bring these visions to life by working with various artists and artisans, including @charles_haupt @paco.rugs and @monkeybizcape.”

∎ “Dzuvula” (Shedding Skin) by Rich Mnisi is showing at the Southern Guild Gallery until April 18.