SA actor Thabiso Bapela opens up about his hair restoration journey

Thabiso Bapela. Picture: Instagram.

Thabiso Bapela. Picture: Instagram.

Published Nov 20, 2023


South African actor Thabiso Bapela has spoken up about his hair loss struggles and the lengths he had to endure to avoid balding. He explained that he underwent a hair transplant two years after noticing his hair thinning out.

“I’d say it’s still a bit of a taboo to get a hair transplant in South Africa,” Bapela admitted.

“People don’t generally speak openly about hair loss and restoration, which means few people even know what options are available to them. The truth is, really nothing to lose and a lot to gain from undergoing the procedure earlier rather than later.”

The “Gomora” star added that the decision for the procedure had nothing to do with his career and that his priority was to have the freedom to style his hair in whichever way he pleased.

“The decision didn’t have anything to do with my career or how I felt about myself. I wanted more freedom in what I could do with my hair and how I could style it.

“That said, I do believe it’s going to provide me with a substantial boost in confidence once I’m able to grow it out,” he said.

For his hair transplant, the actor enlisted the help of Dr Kashmal Kalan, the medical director at Alvi Armani South Africa.

Kalan explained that not all hair transplantation methods are the same.

“Some are more invasive, painful, and prone to scarring than others.”

The medical director added that some procedures produce sparse and unnatural results that don’t match the patient’s facial features and age.

“That’s why it’s critical to choose a reputable and experienced clinic that employs the best technique for your needs and will achieve optimal results for each case,” said Kalan.

Other famous men who have undergone a hair transplant include cricketer Faf du Plessis, rugby player Victor Matfield, actor Jonathan Boynton-Lee, TV presenter Janez Vermeiren and former Mr South Africa Armand du Plessis.