South Africa’s stylish men who are re-defining menswear

Stylist Phupho Gumede has made it fashionable for men to wear eye-catching suits. Picture: Instagram

Stylist Phupho Gumede has made it fashionable for men to wear eye-catching suits. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 28, 2024


In the past years, we’ve seen a shift in menswear with many males becoming fearless about exploring their creativity when it comes to fashion.

The beauty of fashion is that it is gender-fluid, and many men, irrespective of their sexuality, are starting to embrace that.

This is thanks to queer men like Rich Mnisi, who defied societal norms and started rocking miniskirts, paving the way for more cisgender men to become more comfortable about dressing the way they see fit.

Below are some of SA’s most famous stylish men who are re-defining menswear.

Wiseman Zitha

The model and actor is currently one of the best-dressed males in Mzansi. He has no boundaries in fashion; he uses it as a form of artistic expression.

Zitha is known for his exotic poses, re-creating Vogue challenges as if he’s a muse for luxury brands.

The award-winning model doesn’t try too hard but gives more. He usually wears simple yet eye-catching outfits.

For example, the ultramarine off-shoulder pantsuit, which includes an off-shoulder jacket with detachable flaps and gorgeous wide-leg pants by Karabo Official Designs, proves that it’s in his DNA to make clothes look good.

Wiseman Zitha uses fashion as a form of artistic expression. Picture: Sne Graphs

Linda Mntambo

If he’s not on the pitch playing soccer, then Mntambo is doing his side hustle – being an influencer.

The Sekhukhune United FC midfielder is one of the most stylish soccer players in Mzansi. From ripped jerseys to wide-leg pants and cut-off denim skirts, he is always up to date with the latest fashion trends.

Linda Mntambo. Picture: Instagram

He is also a fan of local fashion, with Tomi Rikhotso being one of his favourite designers.

Aside from knowing how to dress, Mntambo is a runway model. In November last year, he was one of the lead models at Soweto Fashion Week, showing off his tattoos and beautiful legs as he strutted the runway in local designers’ garments.

Linda Mntambo at Soweto Fashion Week. Picture: Sathia Pather

Teko Modise

He may have retired from football, but he is still very much relevant in fashion. The former Sundowns FC star has earned his “grootman” status because of how he dresses.

“Grootman” is local slang for a man you respect. Modise has graced multiple fashion magazine covers, including “Nounouche” and “GQ”.

He is embraced by many South Africans for transitioning from a top footballer to a dapper gent who knows his way around the wardrobe.

Teko Modise definitely knows his way around a wardrobe. Picture: Sibu Mahlangu

Bradley Ndlovu

It’s no wonder he made it onto the GQ Best Dressed Man of the Year 2022 list because Ndlovu’s style is impeccable. Whether it’s winter or summer, Ndlovu slays all seasons.

You can tell from his style that he’s the operations manager for Mnisi because he likes wearing mesh tops, wide-leg pants and accessories.

What makes him stand out is that he’s big on patterns, so whether you like it or not, you will notice him.

Bradley Ndlovu is a patterns man. Picture: Sachen

Phupho Gumede

Stylist to the stars, Gumede is living the fashion dream. He has access to local designers such as Maryzo, Lendisi Creations, Masango and Malondie, to name a few, so, obviously, he’s going to slay all his looks.

What we like about the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 recipient is how he sticks to the theme and never misses.

He has made it fashionable for men to wear eye-catching suits in bright silhouettes such as blush pink, cobalt blue and daring prints.

Stylist Phupho Gumede has made it fashionable for men to wear eye-catching suits in bright silhouettes. Picture: Thapelo Mabojta

Gumede is also a stunning model whose runway never ends because even on the streets, he still struts his stuff. He has also made corsets for men fashionable, showing off his slim waist.

What we admire the most about his style is that he pays tribute to the African cultures, especially when attending themed events.

For example, at the “Shaka Ilembe” premiere last June, he looked dreamy in his Nigerian royalty Haute Afrika outfit.

Phupho Gumede pays tribute to African cultures with his style. Picture: Trevor Stuurman

Lemogang Tsipa

The talented actor has an eye for fashion, and his style suits him. He has a way of mixing pantsula with modern trends to create unique fashion looks.

What’s captivating about his style are the accessories. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold, the “Reyka” star will rock a beanie that will blend well with his look for the day.

He also understands that certain styles are not reserved for special occasions or genders, that’s why he isn’t shy to rock a cropped top and show off his abs.

Lemogang Tsipa captivates with accessories. Picture: Don Chuene

In 2024, we want to see more men break out of their shells and become the best fashionistas with the most elite fashion sense.