WATCH: Beyoncé shares her haircare routine

Beyoncé. Picture: Instagram.

Beyoncé. Picture: Instagram.

Published Apr 24, 2024


Whoever said Beyoncé was not active on the internet lied – the singer is always lurking there. Yes, she might not be responsible for her social media accounts, but she does check what people say about her.

For a long time, there has been a debate about her hair. While some people knew that she had beautiful hair under those wigs, others believed she didn’t, hence she wore wigs to hide her natural hair.

Following the successful launch of her haircare range, Cécred, the multi-award-winning singer felt compelled to share her haircare routine and set the record straight once and for all.

“Now that Cecred is known for the quality of work it does for your hair, I think it’s about time I show you all what it does for my hair,” she said in a video, in which she washes her hair with Cécred products.

“The stigma and misconception that people who wear wigs don’t have long and healthy hair. That’s bullsh*t because it ain't nobody’s business.

“I get back to my hair, I like to blow dry my hair on medium heat because I try to stay away from as much heat as possible and use the old-school pressing comb. I’ve chosen colour over perm or relaxers.”

Now that everybody knows that Beyoncé has beautiful hair, detractors are trying to shame her by saying her products are not as good as she claims.

“I don't think the problem is Beyoncé’s hair 'cause we know she has good hair like her mama and Solange … As a black woman, I don't think this product can fix anything on my hair …

“I have hard afro hair which doesn't grow as much as I want it. I can not style it as I want … so I think these products are for people who already have good hair, and it contributes to maintaining good hair,” commented @beautifulnesspic.

Miss_oliviabanks, of the Beyhive, came after her, saying: “It’s nobody’s fault you have nappy hair. What does that have to do with Beyonce? I’m sure you use other black-owned products and not complaining.”