WATCH: Here’s how to make zero-waste potato peel chips at home

Potato peels can be turned into an amazing dish. Picture: Pexels/Polina Tankilevitch

Potato peels can be turned into an amazing dish. Picture: Pexels/Polina Tankilevitch

Published Nov 21, 2023


Food enthusiasts are always looking for exciting kitchen trends, and there is an exciting recipe making the rounds online.

The dish is so different from the usual ones that it is causing a buzz on social media.

And it’s all thanks to the culinary experts on “MasterChef India” season 8. One of the chefs, Suraj Thapa, amazed the judges with his potato peel chips dish.

Yes, you heard it right – those peels we usually throw away without a second thought.

The recipe, as he explained, was simple, using everyday ingredients like salt and common Indian spices found in most kitchens.

Mix those with the potato peels, toss them in the microwave overnight and you’ve got crunchy and flavourful potato peel chips.

Judging the dish, the “MasterChef India” judges referred to it as a “zero-waste product” and welcomed this recipe to show’s audience.

But while some people appreciated the dish for its eco-friendly twist, others were worried about the electricity used during the microwaving process, sparking diverse opinions online.

Looking at the cost of electricity, they said it was not feasible for a common person to keep a microwave on overnight.

One user wrote: “I didn't imagine this could be done too, I'll try it next time.”

A second user wrote: “Great snack and to those trying to debate saying that electricity is wasted, they need to be told one, it was an overnight cooking challenge. Secondly, you can sun dry it and get the same thing! So what are they fussing about?”

A third commented: “I have tried these, they are so good.”

Other social media users who have tried the dish noted that they cooked the peels as one would normally do with potatoes, which includes deep frying them. They said the chips with the peels came out perfectly and tasted good.