WATCH: TikTok users react after American content creator shares that she didn't know she could eat fruit from her garden

Home-grown fruit causes a stir on social media. Picture: Unsplash

Home-grown fruit causes a stir on social media. Picture: Unsplash

Published Feb 16, 2024


The nice thing about converging on the internet is that users from around the world get to share information and learn about the way of life in other countries.

As such, netizens from around the world have reacted in shock after American TikTok user, Karly Cronin, took to the platform to share her experience of learning that fruit from your garden is safe to eat.

According to the Los Angeles resident and TikTok content creator @goodluckkarly, she went through her entire existence of 28 years on planet earth as one of the few people who did not know that you could pick fruit from a tree and consume it.

“I can’t be the only person on the planet that didn’t know that you can just pick a piece of fruit off a tree and eat it,” said Cronin in the video.

The TikTok user explained that she had a friend visit her and question why she had a bag of shop-bought lemons in her fridge when she had a lemon tree in her backyard that was fruiting.

To answer her friend’s question, Cronin revealed that she thought that the fruit had to have something done to it before she could use it in her drinks or cooking.

Cronin’s hilarious FYI video has created discourse on the app and received over 1.3M likes and 12.7M views.

Commenting on Cronin’s video, @jodi_enchanted said: “As a Caribbean girl, I cannot relate at all. But watching u was fascinating.”

Another user, @cheesygoditakittens, said: “The store lemons are domesticated and the outside tree lemons are feral. You have to tame them after you pick em.”

@sofiapatrini added: “What in the American is this?”

While @joannegoddard5 said: “I do community gardening with youth/young adults. You are not the only one.”