DA’s Pappas makes jobs top priority

The DA’s KZN premier candidate Chris Pappas addresses supporters at the Mountview Civic Hall in Verulam on Saturday. | SUPPLIED

The DA’s KZN premier candidate Chris Pappas addresses supporters at the Mountview Civic Hall in Verulam on Saturday. | SUPPLIED

Published Mar 17, 2024


Durban — The Democratic Alliance (DA) took their election campaign ‒Rescue SA ‒to Verulam on Saturday to drum up support for the upcoming election.

Addressing supporters who had gathered at the Mountview Civic Centre, the DA’s Premier candidate Chris Pappas said he believes that with a real plan and the right people, the DA “can turn things around for the better”.

Pappas said the DA has been on the ground consulting with people from KZN and has solutions to address the problems facing the province.

“We have listened to what is troubling our people, and we have worked hard to find solutions to these problems,” he said.

“Wherever we go, we ask people about the biggest problems they face. And the answer is always the lack of jobs.

“Without a job, a person cannot move forward with their life, without a job a person loses their dignity. A job is the key that unlocks the door of opportunity. I know that, here in Verulam there are many young people who have lost hope of finding a job and building a career.

“Instead, they turn to petty crime and drug abuse – not because they are bad people, but because they have been dealt a bad hand,” he said.

Pappas said the great tragedy of South Africa was that the political freedom achieved in 1994 did not bring economic opportunities.

“What good is freedom if there is no bread on the table? So, when I am elected Premier of KwaZulu-Natal, jobs will be my number one priority. Jobs in every community, and a job for every young person when they have finished their studies. And when I talk about jobs, I am not talking about the ‘piece jobs’ that the ANC promises under the expanded public works programme.

“There is nothing wrong with those jobs. But they are not a permanent solution to poverty. When I talk about jobs, I am talking about real jobs, permanent jobs. Jobs that can be the launchpad for a career, for meaningful work. Jobs offered by growing businesses in a growing economy,” he said.

Pappas said his aim will be to create 300 000 real jobs in KZN by investing in infrastructure to support key economic sectors.

“To encourage businesses to invest here, we will radically reduce the red tape and endless compliance that hinders their growth.

“And to encourage entrepreneurship, we will set up ‘one-stop shops’ to reduce the time and cost of starting a business. A growing economy will mean more opportunities for young people,” he said.

Pappas said he will open up opportunities for work, skills development and support for those over 35 as well.

He also highlighted issues such as load shedding, crime and the lack of service delivery as problems that will be solved.

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