7 career paths that will help you become a digital nomad in 2024

Remote work is growing in popularity with the trend allowing employees to work and travel. Picture: Unsplash

Remote work is growing in popularity with the trend allowing employees to work and travel. Picture: Unsplash

Published Oct 3, 2023


Over the past year, Google search trends show that there has been a 300% increase in searches on ‘how to become a digital nomad’.

According to Erudera, a digital nomad uses technology to work remotely and lead a nomadic lifestyle, typically moving from one location to another.

Following the pandemic, many companies have structured themselves to make work more flexible and allowing for remote work.

This has given rise to the digital nomad lifestyle and since digital nomads are not bound to a fixed location or office, they often work from anywhere with a reliable internet connection.

These working travellers may choose to live in different cities, countries, or continents, experiencing new cultures while maintaining their careers or running their businesses online.

Here are seven career paths you should consider if you plan on transitioning into the digital nomad lifestyle in 2024, according Erudera's education experts and Visa Guide.World visa expert Melvina Kelmendi.

Computer Science Degree

A degree in Computer Science opens doors to diverse technology-based careers, including Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Data Science, and Cybersecurity Analysis.

Digital Marketing Degree

Digital marketing involves promoting products and services through digital platforms. Potential roles in this field encompass Digital Marketing Management, Content Creation, SEO Specialization, Social Media Management, and Influencer Marketing.

Graphic Design or Multimedia Arts Degree

Graphic design centers on visual communication and the creative representation of concepts using graphic elements and tools. This field offers career opportunities such as Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, Animation, and Video Editing.

Education Degree

Individuals pursuing education degrees often enter teaching careers, spanning both children and adults. Digital nomad roles attainable with this degree include Online Teaching, E-Learning Development, Educational Consultation, Language Instruction, and more.

Foreign Languages Degree

A degree in foreign languages unlocks numerous digital nomad prospects, including roles in Translation, Interpretation, Online Language Tutoring, Freelance Writing, Customer Support, Virtual Assistance, and more.

English or Journalism Degree

Holders of this degree can explore careers as Content Creators, Editors, Social Media Managers, Digital Marketers, Online English Tutors, and PR and Communications Consultants.

Business Degree

A Business Degree offers diverse digital nomad career paths, including roles as E-commerce Managers, Remote Sales Managers, Freelance Consultants, Online Business Owners, Financial Advisers/Planners, Project Managers, and Data Analysts.

To further assist you in your quest of becoming a digital nomad, Erudera and Kelmendi revealed that Portugal has emerged as one of the most welcoming countries for digital nomads, having granted over 200 visas to digital nomads in just the first two months of its program launch.

“Two main visas are available, including specific digital nomad visas and freelancer or self-employed visas, each with its own requirements and restrictions. Application costs for these visas differ depending on the country, with some fees being as low as €70 per applicant (Cyprus).

“These visas are typically valid for six months to a year, some being extendable for several years". However, they cannot be converted to different types or lead to permanent residency,” said Kelmendi.