Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis celebrate ‘huge success’ with their Santa Barbara Airbnb listing



Published Sep 12, 2023


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis can now add "successful Airbnb hosts" to their résumé, and they are loving every moment of it.

In an Instagram video that had their 5.2 million followers buzzing with excitement, Kutcher couldn’t hide his enthusiasm as he spilt the beans on their “huge success” in the Airbnb game.

The couple’s decision to list their charming Santa Barbara guest house on Airbnb in August took many by surprise but it was met with resounding approval from their fans and the Airbnb community alike.

In their video, the couple opened up about their motivation for welcoming strangers into their cosy abode.

“Airbnb is all about bringing strangers together, encouraging people to connect, and create relationships, and we thought: ‘Hey, that sounds like a lot of fun’,” Kutcher explained.

His wife, Kunis, with that trademark smile of hers, added: “And here we are.”

In addition to a charming shot of Kunis and Kutcher seated on the steps of their coastal California residence, the video captures the couple warmly greeting their guests, giving them a personal tour of the house and even striking a friendly pose for a photo with their renters.

Kutcher’s caption read: “Mila’s idea to host on @airbnb was a huge success! Lucas, Katherine and Michael, we loved having you. Please leave a review unless it’s not a good one… #airbnbpartner.”

Since joining the Airbnb host club, Kunis and Kutcher have been receiving rave reviews from guests who’ve had the pleasure of staying at their place. People love them not just for their acting chops but for their down-to-earth personalities.

What started as a spontaneous idea has turned into a heart-warming journey of meeting people from all walks of life.

Their Airbnb adventure has made their guests’ stays memorable and let them connect with people from diverse backgrounds.

From Hollywood stardom to Airbnb stardom, the couple are proving that hosting isn't just about property ownership – it's about spreading good vibes and creating lasting memories.