LOOK: Jojo Robinson shares hilarious tips while on a family holiday in Mauritius

Jojo Robinson in Mauritius. Picture: Instagram.

Jojo Robinson in Mauritius. Picture: Instagram.

Published Apr 5, 2024


“The Real Housewives of Durban” star Jojo Robinson is serving body goals while on holiday with her family.

Robinson and her body are in Mauritius, living their best lives, and she’s enjoying every moment.

On day one, she was playing in the water, showing her body covered in tattoos. And while she’s documenting her trip for her followers, she’s also adding a bit of humour by participating in social media challenges and her followers are enjoying it.

Jojo Robinson on day one of her holiday. Picture: Instagram.

She and her husband did the “I’m the wife/I’m the husband” challenge, where the wife calls the shots and doesn’t give her husband a chance to speak when it’s his turn.

“Jojo for President of the Housewives Association (HA - HBIC) to join, see the requirements below. See more…,” commented former “Real Housewives of Durban” star, Annie Ludick.

Robinson’s also been showing off her acting skills while sharing her holiday tips, which include eating like you’ve never been before.

“Holiday tip number one; Never fear any weight gain on holiday. Because of the change in your regular diet, your bowels will overwork. Thereby rendering your food, 'Guilt free,' it goes in, and then it goes straight out.

“This is why you should always choose 'all-inclusive packages.' You're able to fully take advantage because you're never really full due to regular toilet visits. You're welcome,” she wrote.

“Pro Tip (Enjoy your next guilt-free holiday by ensuring you eat the food with the most spices and the things you never eat at home.) Xoxoxo Jojo ( lover of the buffet).”

Her followers found that video hilarious and said they were making notes.