WATCH: Anele Mdoda drags airline for delayed flights resulting in her having to sleep at the airport

TV presenter and radio personality, Anele Mdoda. Picture: Instagram

TV presenter and radio personality, Anele Mdoda. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 29, 2024


“Next time I get offered a flight on Kenyan Airways just let me walk.”

These are the words of TV presenter and radio personality Anele Mdoda after her flight got delayed and cancelled.

The radio presenter took to X to share her experience with the airline and revealed that she had to sleep in the airport lounge at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya, following the airline’s announcements.

Mdoda was scheduled to travel back home to Johannesburg, South Africa, after hosting the world premier of Disney’s “Iwaji” in Lagos, Nigeria.

“Jerrrrrr Kenyan Airways is the worst of them all. I have never seen an airline deal with so many delays and now a cancellation...Then the flight they can put us on is also delayed. I really hate Kenyan airways Shame. Shut the entire thing down with their rickety seats. 😡😡😡😡😡😡,” said Mdoda.

She also said that to make matters worse, the airline didn’t provide accommodation for her and other travellers, resulting in them benching it out at the airport.

To make light out of a sour matter, Mdoda put a comic twist to her situation and started creating videos on the experience throughout her stay at the airport.

It seems that Mdoda is not the only person who has had an awful experience flying with the airline as other X users came out and shared their stories.

One X user, @iAmKudaMaynard, commented: “Never fly Kenya Airways. They over sell flights on purpose. Then play whack-a-mole with you once you in Nairobi on who boards and who doesn’t.

“People sometimes spend as many as 4-5 nights at the airport. Get promised hotels that never materialise. Free food that doesn’t come. And if you complain loudly they bring cops to threaten you.

“Flew with them on Dec 12 after my brother died and witnessed everything first hand. One nice employee felt sorry for me and told me to ignore the boarding gate on my pass and use a different one.

“She narrated everything above. Spoke to families who had been stranded for 5 days. Crazy sh*t.”

Another user, @TapiwaMunjoma, said: “@KenyaAirways really should stop calling itself the ‘Pride of Africa’, there is nothing they do that they should be proud of. Delays, Cancellations, lost luggage, rude staff (especially ground staff) etc.

“It's madness at KQ.”