WATCH: Elsa Majimbo reveals why she stopped flying with Qatar Airways

Kenyan influencer and comedian Elsa Majimbo. Picture: Instagram

Kenyan influencer and comedian Elsa Majimbo. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 7, 2024


From being snubbed to first-class after buying a first-class ticket to being asked to provide proof of her first-class ticket later for another flight, Kenyan-born comedian and influencer Elsa Majimbo revealed why she’s stopped flying with Qatar Airways.

The Kenyan influencer took to her social media platforms, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, to share her experience flying with the airline and alleged that she has faced classism and racism on more than one occasion.


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“You cannot put a gun to my head to fly Qatar. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. This black woman will keep her money,” said Majimbo.

According to the influencer, in an incident that occurred a year ago, she was flying from South Africa to Qatar first class when a flight attendant asked her to produce evidence of her ticket for the seat.

“So this lady, this air hostess, she comes up to me and she’s like, ‘Excuse me, can I see your ticket?’ So I look around. Obviously, I’m the only young black person in first class as I’m used to for most of my trips.

“So I look at her and I’m like, did you ask everyone else for this or is it just me,” said Majimbo.

She also revealed that in an incident prior to that she was flying with the airline from Texas to Qatar, and then onto Nairobi and experienced delays, resulting in her missing her flight from Qatar to Kenya.

The influencer said that after missing the connecting flight, she tried to book a first-class flight, and the airline told her that there were no first-class tickets; however, they said they would place her in economy class and then refund her later.

She said that when she got on the flight, she found that an older white male traveller was given preferential treatment over her and placed in first class despite her having paid for the ticket.

Commenting on Majimbo’s experience, a TikTok user, @johannamartin95, said: “Elsa speaking about such sensitive and deep topics regarding racism and classism and all y’all care about is the oil.”

Another user, @lovemeetsamore_, said: “For the 1st two years of my travels, I traveled primarily 1st class and business class. They used to ask for my ticket and no one else.”

Whilst @soumendupattnaik, said: “Qatar Airways doesn’t offer first class on flights in and out of South Africa. Is this story even real? Hard to believe the racism story.”