Life mastery coach reveals how to attain a meaningful existence

South African-born, US-certified life mastery coach, Thuleleni “Thule” Gcanga’s book.

South African-born, US-certified life mastery coach, Thuleleni “Thule” Gcanga’s book.

Published Jan 25, 2023


Johannesburg - South African-born, US-certified life mastery coach, published author and global HR leader, Thuleleni “Thule” Gcanga“ on Daturday launches her book, emPOWERed: Transmuting Limiting Beliefs into Stepping Stones to Build the Life I Love.

Her belief is that within each one of us is the same seed of greatness that grows from an acorn into a massive oak tree. She is passionate about elevating others' success, which is evident from the book.

With this read, Gcanga aims to inspire and empower humanity to disentangle themselves from their past and focus on bettering themselves and being intentional in creating the life they want. The book emanates from her life mastery coaching principles and uses her own life experiences to demonstrate how these can typically shape the trajectory of one’s life.

She provides tools that empower you to repattern the impact of those experiences and create the life you love. The four domains of life covered in her self-published book include health and well-being; love and relationships; creative expression of one’s gifts and talents through vocation; and, time and money freedom.

Gcanga also provides transformation workshops, keynote speeches and life mastery coaching services that seek to empower and support her large audience. Through the book she seeks to get readers to shed their limiting beliefs and to design, create and live their best lives.

She takes us on a journey of personal transformation from viewing ourselves as a victim of our circumstances to becoming an empowered version of ourselves in which we are deliberate creators of the life we want to live.

On why she wrote the book, Gcanga said she observed how she and most of her clients allowed past events to restrain them.

“We get attached to our story and unconsciously live life in response to that experience instead of intentionally overcoming it. We have to be courageous to deal with stuff so that we can be freed to intentionally design, create and live our best lives,” she said.

The book begins with a story of awakening: an account of how we experiences a life-defining childhood wound which establishes the way we see oneself; then our higher power prods us to take steps to heal that wound so that we can begin the process of defining our own dream life.

With our life’s vision clearly defined, she then teaches us how we uproot the “weeds that could threaten to choke the seed of building our dream life”.

These include building a sense of being deserving; cultivating an abundance mindset; and befriending your fear and forgiveness. Next is how one builds a mindset that will nurture a dream so it continues to thrive. This part of the book focuses on how we show up daily with an empowered mindset that enables us to build our dream life.

The focus is on how to nurture the partnership with one’s higher power. The final chapter defines the full journey of our transformation, from who we started as to who we become.

As long as we are alive we continue on the transformation. Therefore, the journey mapped out in the book is life long. We encounter difficulty, and we have to be intentional in healing wounds that result from that difficulty, and we then continue to embark on the process of building our dream life.

The book seeks to inspire you to find, nurture and bloom that seed into your own kind of beauty with its own upward spiral of becoming.

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