Xiaomi’s Smart Home solutions make connected living simple and affordable

Published May 19, 2023


Xiaomi’s range of lighting and speaker solutions offer easy use in an age of convenience.

They also provide peace of mind as security systems, amidst rising crime levels, by monitoring your home from the Mi Home App for extra safety.

The idea of smart homes was once reserved only for the wealthy, but thanks to Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi, connecting your home has become inexpensive and easier than ever.

Today, a plethora of products are available at your nearest mall, from water leak detectors to smart robots that clean your home… and everything in-between.

The best part is that not only are these products easily accessible and affordable, they are easy enough for anyone to install in a few short minutes.

So just how much could starting a smart home set you back, and where do you begin?

Starting a smart home can be achieved for less than R200 by simply changing a light bulb.

Xiaomi smart bulbs start from less than R200, allowing users to adjust the brightness and colour of the light, turn it or off, remote controlled via any smartphone and even do so using voice commands - one of the most significant features of a smart home.

Thankfully, Xiaomi has seamlessly integrated the same technology and functionality into its other connected products, making creating a smart home ecosystem more accessible than ever.

Keeping the end user in mind, Xiaomi also understands that no home can be fully connected without a smart hub.

Xiaomi Smart Speaker

Cue the Xiaomi Smart Speaker that allows the user to fully control smart products within the home, from wherever they are, without any physical interaction necessary.

Xiaomi Smart Speaker. The Xiaomi Smart Speaker can be easily integrated into an already existing smart home or start one in the most efficient way possible.

The Xiaomi Smart Speaker seamlessly integrates with other Xiaomi smart home products, such as light bulbs, smart lamps and smart clocks, and when paired with the Mi Home App, allows for all smart devices to be controlled through a single app.

The Xiaomi Smart Speaker also features a built-in Google Assistant and support for Amazon’s Alexa, allowing the user to set reminders and create custom routines that automatically control smart home products.

Thanks to Google Chromecast, the Xiaomi Smart Speaker’s voice recognition functionality allows for authorised use only while offering the convenience of listening to your favourite music and audio through a powerful, 12W high-fidelity speaker.

Xiaomi QBH4190GL Smart Speaker - RRP R1,099

Xiaomi Smart Speaker with IR Control

Despite all the functionality, you won’t be able to control non-smart products, right? Wrong.

Meet the Xiaomi Smart Speaker with Infrared Control. Featuring similar specifications to the aforementioned Xiaomi Smart Speaker, the Xiaomi Smart Speaker with IR Control features a built-in infrared radio transmitter allowing it to control non-smart products with their own infrared remotes like remote-controlled air-conditioners, non-smart TV and other such products, easily integrating these into your connected home.

The Xiaomi Smart Speaker also offers crisp audio clarity through its robust 5W speaker and a conveniently placed clock on its face.

Xiaomi QBH4218GL Smart Speaker with IR Control RRP - R999

Xiaomi Smart Clock

Just in time on your journey to setting up your smart home is the Xiaomi Smart Clock, packaged with a stellar set of features, including the functionality of the Xiaomi Smart Speaker.

While it might not offer infrared connectivity to non-smart products, the Xiaomi Smart Clock features a four-inch display with ten customisable clock faces to suit any mood and room.

One of the key features of the Xiaomi Smart Clock is that the device is engineered to allow remote viewing of Xiaomi smart cameras, allowing the user a view of the camera’s placement on the clock’s display - making it convenient to check on baby or the pets.

Xiaomi QBH4191GL Smart Clock RRP - R1,199

Xiaomi Bedside Lamp 2

Another bright idea from the electronics giant comes from the Xiaomi Bedside Lamp 2. The Bedside Lamp 2 features an RGB bulb with over 16 million colours, with added functionality to adjust its brightness up to 400 lumens, allowing you to set the mood all year round, come Valentine’s Day, Christmas Eve, or ambience for family movie night.

Like other Xiaomi products, the Bedside Lamp 2 supports voice control and easily pairs with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Homekit or more simply through the Mi Home App.

Despite its functionality, the Bedside Lamp 2 has the aesthetic to match, with a clean and modern appearance, blending into any room setting.

Xiaomi MUE4093GL Bedside Lamp 2 RRP - R1,099

Xiaomi LED Desk Lamp 1S - MUE4105GL (RRP = R1,199)

Need a solution for both the home and office? Look no further than the Xiaomi LED Desk Lamp 1S. This smart lamp is engineered with a highly durable metal body and hinge, allowing it to be folded away while not in use.

Through Xiaomi’s Mi Home App, the Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S features different lighting modes, including Focus, Reading, or Child modes, which adjust colour temperature and brightness, according to various scenarios.

The Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S also supports voice control through Alexa, Google, or Homekit.

Xiaomi MUE4105GL LED Desk Lamp 1S RRP - R1,199

Xiaomi Smart LED Desk Lamp Pro

Boasting brightness levels up to 700 lumens, the Smart LED Desk Lamp Pro is perfect for any desktop, whether working from home or in the office.

One of the incredible features of the Smart LED Desk Lamp Pro is that it supports 90RA Colour Rendering Index allowing full control of the exact colour temperature desired through an intuitive knob control.

Xiaomi BHR4119GL Smart LED Desk Lamp Pro RRP - R2,199

With the drop in the cost of smart home products, South Africans are steadily cottoning on to the trend of a more connected lifestyle, extending beyond a smartphone.

Xiaomi’s smart products make everyday living the easiest it can be. Before you even get in the home, you have full control of your electronics. Why not continue music from the car straight to home while you turn on the lights - and never walk into a dark and quiet home again?

While smart home products like Xiaomi’s range of lighting and speaker solutions offer easy use in an age of convenience, they also provide peace of mind as security systems, amidst rising crime levels, by monitoring your home from the Mi Home App for extra safety.

These products are available at Takealot, Yuppiechef, Incredible Connection.

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