Server issues cause WhatsApp downtime

Up to 81% of local users reported “Sending Messages” issues. Photo: Chris Ratcliffe

Up to 81% of local users reported “Sending Messages” issues. Photo: Chris Ratcliffe

Published Jul 20, 2023


Instant messenger app WhatsApp’s latest downtime has been blamed on a server issue which plagued the platform before being restored.

Scores of users globally reported the issue with no connectivity to the platform. Thousands of complaints were filed by South Africans through real-time online platform, Downdetector, shortly before 10 pm, with reports reaching their peak of over 9000 after 10 pm.

Up to 81% of local users reported “Sending Messages” issues. In comparison, 17% reported app issues, with the remaining reports stemming from login issues.

According to WhatsApp monitoring blog WABInfo, many users were currently unable to use WhatsApp due to an ongoing severe outage.

“Specifically, these users were experiencing difficulties connecting to the service as the app could not connect to the server. The outage may be affecting all users on Android and iOS worldwide, according to our reports,” the blog reported in a post.

“However, the exact extent of the outage and the number of affected users remain officially unknown as the company has not issued any official statements or disclosed information about the underlying cause of the problem,” WABInfo said.

During the time of the outage, WhatsApp itself tweeted about the issue stating: “We’re working quickly to resolve connectivity issues with WhatsApp, and we’ll update you here as soon as possible.”

This was before the platform announced restoration, stating: “And we’re back, happy chatting,” it said in a subsequent tweet.

WhatsApp has, in the past, has experienced severe downtime among users, most attributed to access to its server. Despite this, the company has been making upgrades to the service.

Most recently, the instant messaging app introduced two new key features in an effort to increase productivity and security on the Meta-owned platform.

WhatsApp recently rolled out the ability for users to select a unique username alongside functionality to support screen sharing during video calls.

According to WABetaInfo, the instant messenger is working to improve its voice and video calling for its users on the Android app.

The newest update will offer a new feature that allows users to easily share their screen during a video call, allowing users to quickly show and share what they see on their device during a call.

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