Massive discounts on Microsoft software in Godeal24’s Women’s Day sale

Image supplied by Godeal24.

Image supplied by Godeal24.

Published Mar 8, 2022


Whether they use a cellphone, computer, or any other smart device, the reason why users value each system upgrade optimisation is because they want to experience new features while still enjoying the comforting feeling of using something familiar.

It has been reported that with the “Sun Valley 2” feature update, Microsoft will introduce a new feature that will enable the task manager to suspend applications that use too many system resources. This new feature, which is called “Efficiency Mode” or “Eco Mode”, will enable overall performance problems to be resolved by suspending the use of resources for processes manually selected by the user. The new Windows 11 Efficiency Mode lowers the priority of processes to “low”. It is also effective in extending the overall battery life of the notebook. Efficiency Mode was also tested by Microsoft for a year, and the final results were quite surprising, with up to four times performance improvement (76% reduction in resource usage) observed on CPU-intensive systems in this mode. Not only is there a better UI response, the speed of the task manager itself is also significantly improved.

Godeal24 is now selling Microsoft Windows 11 at a dramatically reduced price, with “buy more save more” deals also on offer. In addition to the low prices it offers throughout the year, the online store is also offering big discounts on Microsoft Office 2021 in its Women's Day Sale. You’ll also find great deals on. Windows OS and Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus - 5 PCs, with some software discounted by as much as 62%.

How to buy cheap and genuine Microsoft software

While downloading “free” versions of Microsoft software online may save you a lot of money, the software likely contains malware that could steal your personal information. However, you don't have to worry about this problem with Godeal24.

Godeal24 is an online store that sells computer operating systems, office software and game software keys to the global market. It primarily sells used licences, which it buys from companies that no longer use them, and transfers them to individuals.

Godeal24 knows the “history” of every license it sells, so end users can use them without problems. According to Godeal24, licences bought from it are not subject to subscription restrictions. “Godeal24 licences are ‘lifetime’ licences, and you have unlimited access: the operating system will be updated and supported throughout its lifetime,” claims the company.

If you have any questions during installation and use, you can contact Godeal24’s 24-7 professional customer service team at email: [email protected]