WhatsApp bringing new interface changes

Picture: Indranil Mukherjee/AFP

Picture: Indranil Mukherjee/AFP

Published Jul 15, 2021


WhatsApp is changing some of its interface elements.

The Facebook-owned instant messaging platform's latest betas for iOS and Android include some minor visual changes which could have a big impact.

One change includes line separators being removed from between chats, while the size of profile pictures has been reduced in the chat list which will mean more space on screen.

However, WhatsApp is also increasing the size of link previews in messages for both versions of the app.

This comes after it was revealed the platform's team is testing quality setting options for uploaded videos.

This update would allow users to choose the quality of a video, ranging from the best quality setting to data saver mode.

As a default, WhatsApp itself will choose whether to prioritise video quality or file size, but this can be overridden.

The choices are Auto (Recommended), Best Quality and Data saver.

Simply enough, the automatic choice will let WhatsApp detect which is the best option for specific videos.


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