GAMING: New text adventure ‘The Smiths are Dead’ sees singer Morrissey battle to record first solo single

Published Oct 2, 2023


A new text adventure called “The Smiths are Dead” has launched for the Commodore 64 that puts players in singer Morrissey’s shoes as he attempts to record his first solo single.

In the game, sheet music to “Suedehead” has been lost and Morrissey, now 64, must try to track it down using clues.

Developers Bieno, Chema Enguita, DOM, Elweezo, Karmic, Narcisound, Stephen Wright and Team Kali intended the game to tie in with the 35th anniversary of Morrisey’s 1988 single ‘Suedehead’ – his first since The Smiths’ break-up.

The game sees Morrissey trying to recover the sheet music to the track after it was lost by his manager, Gail Colson.

In order to record his first single, he must find all of the pieces by gathering clues from the likes of Geoff Travis, owner of Rough Trade records, as well as producer Stephen Street and Andrew Paressi, the artist who accompanied Morrissey at the start of his solo career.

A statement for the game said: “My name is Morrissey and I am the former lead singer of The Smiths.

“I formed the group in 1984 with Johnny Marr and later Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke joined us.

“On our backs we have experienced six albums and countless singles intensely and lately we have had internal problems that, together with the distance between us, the gossip musical and sensationalist press and our little ability to solve internal problems, put an end to this stage in our lives.

“In this year 1987 the group dissolves and each one must follow their own path, with no intention of ever playing together again.

“With The Smiths the bar has been set high and now, having to focus on my solo career, I will have to work hard to live up to it and not disappoint anyone.

“I have to move and the first thing will be to talk to Gail Colson, my new manager.

“We are about to start recording my first solo album and we need to catch up.”