ActionSA manifesto to stabilise and improve infrastructure, economic growth and recover abandoned buildings

Funzi Ngobeni, who was recently announced as the party’s premier candidate in Gauteng. Picture: Timothy Bernard Independent Newspapers

Funzi Ngobeni, who was recently announced as the party’s premier candidate in Gauteng. Picture: Timothy Bernard Independent Newspapers

Published Mar 4, 2024


ActionSA plans to cement its place in the 2024 national and provincial elections by launching its party manifesto on March 23 at Ellis Park in Johannesburg despite the past weekend being taken over by a number of political parties launching their manifestos.

Among these were Bantu Holomisa’s United Democratic Movement (UDM), the PAC and Freedom Front Plus (FF+).

Funzi Ngobeni, who was recently announced as ActionSA’s premier candidate in Gauteng, explained that the manifesto plans to prioritise improving the state of infrastructure in the country, especially in Gauteng, as the province is considered an economic hub. This will be referred to as the infrastructure road map.

“We will implement an infrastructure road map, which is a well-thought-out strategy that will reignite our economy. This programme touches on four crucial areas: economic development and spatial planning; transport, roads and logistics; human settlements; and water and sanitation,” he said.

Ngobeni said the party plans to recover, renovate and capitalise on old and abandoned buildings, particularly in Gauteng, for economic sustainability.

“Our regions are riddled with dilapidated and hijacked properties which can be used to attract investment and achieve enormous economic growth. Our government will work with the private sector to restore these properties to a productive state,” he elaborated, “Reclaiming these properties and offering them to the private sector would trigger new investments, mainly in manufacturing and real estate, thus resulting in the large-scale creation of jobs. These jobs will benefit everyone, including the youth and those above 35.”

Moreover, according to Ngobeni, the party plans to dismantle Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi’s militia known as “Amapanyaza”, to tighten security and control crime in society, in spite of the Nasi i’Spani contributing to job creation.

“We are not against initiatives aimed at resolving unemployment … We shall implement new and realign existing measures to achieve the maximum desired efficacy in combating crime in Gauteng.

“Our administration would begin by dismantling Premier Panyaza Lesufi’s militia and placing the structure under various municipalities. Our intention is to strengthen municipal law enforcement, as policing is not a provincial competence, thereby leading to a grass-roots policing strategy in our province,” he said.

Ngobeni said the party planned to strengthen its relationship with the SAPS, and ensure candidates for the Nasi i’Spani initiative were not solely ANC cadres.

Asked how the party will act to eradicate pollution, he said: “Initiatives such as Farm with ActionSA have been introduced, which transform dumping sites and abandoned lands into farms for locals all across the province, offering empowerment and income for the youth, and old people who work at these farms and sell produce.”

ActionSA has been active in encouraging youth registrations for the elections in all provinces in universities and high schools.

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