ANC has failed us for decades – Mamelodi resident

Published May 29, 2024


Nurse Sindane, a 52-year-old shopkeeper from Pretoria, said she couldn’t wait to go and cast her vote later on Wednesday when she knocked off.

Sindane said her vote was not a secret – she is going to vote for the ANC, as she believes the party has done a lot in the past 30 years.

“I am going to vote for the ANC, I want it to continue bettering the lives of the people. ANC, it’s the only good party for us as it’s able to admit where it made mistakes and no one immune from making mistake,” she said.

“I urge every South African to go out in numbers to go and exercise their constitutional rights and vote for any organisation of their choice.”

Sindane is a shopkeeper at a local shop in down town Pretoria. She has five children who she said get social grants from government.

Returning to the question of why she decided to vote for the ANC, Sindane told “The Star” the ANC was the only party she knew and trusted.

“I honestly don’t trust these other organisations that have been mushrooming all round. All of their leaders speak good English but I just don’t trust them. All I hear from them is how bad of a government the ANC has been, but hear nothing from them that will make the country better.”

Sindane will be joining millions of South Africans who have queued for hours to cast their votes for their respective political parties.

But for Josia Selaluke from Mamelodi, it’s a different story. He said he was feed up with the current governing party.

Selaluke said the ANC-led government’s time was up, as they were no longer serving the people and they were instead serving their families and friends.

“The ANC has proven to us many times that it doesn’t care about its electorate. We have been giving them countless chances to fix things, but all they did was to give us the middle finger.

“When it comes to jobs, they reserve them to their friends and families, and I don’t want to mentions business opportunities. If you are not close to comrades here, especially in Mamelodi, you will never ever be employed.”

Selaluke said that the party would no longer use the names of its stalwarts and former leaders like Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela, as those people were long gone, adding that the party itself had lost the morals and values those leaders possessed.

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