Couple cries foul after wedding planner fails to deliver on big day

The couple now urges others to be cautious and thoroughly vet any event planning services to avoid similar predicament. File picture: Pexels

The couple now urges others to be cautious and thoroughly vet any event planning services to avoid similar predicament. File picture: Pexels

Published Jun 24, 2024


A Midrand couple, Puseletso Seleka and Londiwe Mbokazi, have accused Vusi Tladi, an event planner and self-confessed prophet, for ruining their big day after he ran off with more than R80 000 the couple had paid to make their big day special.

According to the couple, their big day was planned for June 15 but on June 14, Tladi failed to pitch for decorations which made the two lovers even more stressed. Whenever they tried to call him, Tladi came up with excuses until they realised they had to find a solution to their dilemma.

However, when they thought their big day was going to be ruined, members of the community stepped in and saved the day.

According to Mbokazi, Tladi, the owner of Morwaseepe Wedding Rescue, made off with R81 400 meant for their wedding in Limpopo.

Speaking to The Star on Monday, Mbokazi said they had paid for everything upfront.

Mbokazi said they were left devastated just a day before the wedding when Tladi became a no-show for the wedding arrangements.

“Our nightmare began on Friday, 14 June when Tladi blocked all communication with the couple, leaving them in the lurch with no décor arranged. As a wedding planner, he was meant to come set up on Thursday but made excuses and on Friday it was the same. He kept saying he was coming and then blocked us. We didn’t have a plan B so we had to use money to get something because my family had come all the way from Durban.

“A friend of mine reached out to some event planners around Polokwane and one lady shared our story in Gurus in Events Limpopo WhatsApp group (which he was a part of). The event planners came together to give us decor for the day. We were meant to start at 10am but could only start around 1pm.

“He also left the ladies who were meant to cook stranded because he had told them to take a taxi and that he would follow with the pots and stoves,” said Mbokazi.

Mbokazi said she is grateful for the help they received at the 11th hour. “In a remarkable show of community spirit and solidarity, the SA Events Group, along with Rešoketšwe, Mahlatse of Puleng Events, and Reineth Catering, came together to rescue the situation. These generous organisations pooled their resources and expertise to ensure that the couple’s wedding went ahead as planned.”

Despite the initial setback, the wedding was a beautiful and joyous occasion, thanks to the quick and selfless actions of these event professionals. The couple expressed their immense gratitude to the SA Events Group, Rešoketšwe, Mahlatse, and Reineth for their support in making their dream wedding a reality, she said.

Mbokazi said she and her partner are now seeking legal recourse against Tladi, who has since absconded with their money.

The couple now urges others to be cautious and thoroughly vet any event planning services to avoid similar predicament.

“We now hope that our story will serve as a warning to others and highlight the importance of community and support in times of crisis. We remain determined to see justice served and we are now working with authorities to track down this scammer.

“It was heartwarming to see how the community rallied around us. We cannot thank these amazing professionals enough for their wonderful assistance,” said Mbokazi.

However, speaking to The Star, a calm Tladi denied having scammed the couple of their money, saying he encountered unforeseeable challenges on the day of the wedding.

“I am not a scammer. It’s just that I failed the couple as I encountered unforeseeable challenges. I work as an events planner and I’m also a prophet. I had some personal and spiritual changes that prevented me from delivering on our agreement with the couple.

“I am willing to pay them back but right now I can’t because I am not working as they have been dragging my name in the media. How will I be able to make money to pay them if they continue calling me a scammer. Those people should desist calling me a scammer as this is denting my name,” he said.

On Monday, Mbokazi revealed that she has since been hospitalised due to the stress brought by her recent ordeal.

“I have just been hospitalised because of my blood pressure which has gone up due to this issue. We went to Lebowakgomo Police Station and we were told to go to court. We have sent a letter of demand and will await a court order since he has ignored the letter to him.”