Masechaba Khumalo emphasises purpose over popularity to thrive in your career

Seasoned broadcaster Masechaba Khumalo. Picture: File

Seasoned broadcaster Masechaba Khumalo. Picture: File

Published Dec 7, 2023


Masechaba Khumalo, a seasoned broadcaster who has proven that she can do it all, imparts advice to many of those who follow her craft.

Khumalo, who has attained numerous honours for her outstanding work, highlights how important having a purpose is to succeed in your career.

She told “The Star” that she believes in purpose over popularity, pointing out that once you know and understand your purpose, you align yourself accordingly with the work that resonates with that purpose.

“I believe we should all be purpose-driven and the importance of it is that once you know and understand your purpose, you will align yourself accordingly with the work that resonates with that purpose. You will never be lost or feel lost in life, but if you don’t know who you are and don’t know why you are on Earth, this is when we create a disalignment in our lives. And if we are not living on purpose then we are not living. We are here to create an impact and we are here to make a difference in one way or another,” she said.

Khumalo further explained how she stays motivated to do her multiple appointments, pointing out some of the things that keep her grounded.

“It is reminding myself every day that this is bigger than me. And as much as it’s my passion and as much as I love what I do, it’s not actually about me, so when we become less self-centred we become higher, we elevate our thinking a little bit higher, and then we are able to see the bigger picture.

“This is why it is easy to get lost and to become arrogant or change. But when you are able to separate yourself from your bigger purpose of being here, then you always remember, then it automatically grounds you because you know that the purpose is much bigger. And those are the things that keep me grounded,” said Khumalo.

On the multiple work she does, she revealed details about her company, Masechaba Media, which is at the helm of promoting the inaugural Rainbow Nation Fest set to take place on December 16 at Bears Palace in Mpumalanga.

Speaking about the festival, Khumalo said it is a world-class event and they have chosen the cream of the crop line-up of artists to make a memorable event.

“The line-up is incredibly impressive, there is something for everyone…

“This is no ordinary festival. It is a festival with a purpose. Nelson Mandela once said that sport has the power to unite. The Rainbow Nation Fest was established from the premise that there is more that unites us as a nation than what divides us, and so we are using the power of the arts to bring together music lovers from across the spectrum to come and enjoy a day of good music, food and drink in a peaceful environment on a beautiful Mpumalanga backdrop at the Bears Palace.”

The Rainbow Nation Fest will feature live musical performances by an all-star line-up that includes, among others, DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small (Scorpion Kings), Kurt Darren, Master KG, Ricus Nel, Zola 7, Samantha Leonard, Lwah Ndlunkulu, Dozi, DJ Zinhle, and Mac G.

As befitting her title of “Mother of the Nation”, Khumalo is also deeply committed to education and development, which serve as the foundation for her brand.

She founded Masechaba Youth Development (NPO) in 2017 as a means of carrying out the preparatory work to serve as a vehicle for the groundwork that she had already been doing throughout her career.

Khumalo has proven herself as a veritable jack of all trades having led well-known shows such as “One Day Leader” (SABC 1 prime time live debate show), “Why Are We So Angry” (SABC 1 political documentary series), “Weekend Live” (SABC 2 news and current affairs), “The Big Break Legacy” (SABC 3 entrepreneurship reality series), “Ekse Let’s Talk” ( daily talk show), “The Big Debate” ( socio-political debate show), and many others.

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