More than a snake charmer

Gogo Maweni. Picture: Social Media

Gogo Maweni. Picture: Social Media

Published Feb 5, 2024


From domesticating snakes to opening an online exotic snake store, Gogo Maweni, a well-known traditional healer and reality TV star, goes above and beyond to showcase her love for animals.

Despite being criticised by many of her followers, and some who find her passion to be peculiar, Maweni does not shy away from expressing her love for animals candidly.

Over the years, her content has garnered much attention - whether showing off her snake collection or the extent of her professional interest in the reptiles - she’s managed to be a hot topic on different platforms.

After posting multiple images of herself on social media in a relaxed stance with snakes, she gained the nickname “Snake Lady”, something she chuckles about, “Lol, I’m being called the snake lady.”

Last year, Maweni shocked those who thought that snakes were her only passion when she revealed that her love extended to other species.

“I proudly own two owls, snakes, tortoises, and dogs, as well as rabbits. Listening is a skill that you don’t acquire. And that’s not my problem; it’s your problem,” she shared on X.

In just a few years after her breakout show, ‘Izangoma Zodumo’, she has established her brand and pursued other exciting endeavours besides being a healer known on reality shows.

Maweni also initiated the Ubungoma festival, a platform used to honour Ubungoma (one’s ancestral calling) and give people a space to embrace who they truly are.

She has also consistently confronted other traditional healers on social media, claiming they should mind their own business and focus on helping others.

In a video uploaded on X, Maweni discussed the importance of focusing on healing rather than fuelling unjustified judgements.

“If you can focus on healing people and not be on TikTok teaching people about other people’s videos, you have time to comment and criticise how other people work on their videos. If SA sangomas can stop that and mind their businesses, there would be success,” she said.