Ramokgopa says Lesufi’s Sopa should be about Gauteng citizens

Vuyiswa Ramokgopa Gauteng Premier Candidate. Picture: Timothy Bernard African News Agency (ANA)

Vuyiswa Ramokgopa Gauteng Premier Candidate. Picture: Timothy Bernard African News Agency (ANA)

Published Feb 18, 2024


RISE Mzansi’s Gauteng Premier candidate Vuyiswa Ramokgopa said today’s (State of The Province Address (Sopa) should be centred around people.

Ramokgopa said the province was rife with criminality, joblessness and self-centred and corrupt politicians.

“Gauteng should be a place of prosperity, safety and good governance, but it is beset with joblessness, it is unsafe and the politicians are self-interested and corrupt. It is not the Gauteng we all deserve.

“The issues that face the people of Gauteng are vast, but to get the province on the right road we need a provincial government that is up to the task and that is willing to do the hard and difficult work.

“People’s lives aren’t changed through public relations stunts, but with ethical leadership, good governance and implementation,” the candidate said.

Ramokgopa vowed that her organisation would keep a close eye on issues RISE Mzansi felt should be a priority, such as rebuilding Gauteng’s economy so that it creates jobs for millions of people, including those over 35 who were sitting at home.

She said there were almost 40%. or two out of five, residents who should be working but were instead out of jobs, saying more young people also found themselves unable to even get government jobs.

She said for the province to work effectively, there must be a corruption-free and functioning government which would ensure that all cases of corruption were acted upon and that the corrupt were brought to book, arrested and prosecuted.

The premier candidate continued to say that government needed to ensure that officials were held to the highest ethical standards and armed with the necessary skills.

“Local government in Gauteng has failed to meaningfully deliver services to the people of the province; this is exacerbated by instability in the metros. The provincial government must play its part in keeping local authorities in check and enact its intergovernmental authority. Now is a good time to show that co-operative governance can work to make coalitions successful and deliver services to all, whether you are in Joburg or Emfuleni.”

On education, Ramokgopa said for the government to be able to produce good-quality results, schools needed to have enough desks, teachers and tools to ensure that children leave the schooling system empowered and able to participate in the economy.

“Healthcare must work for the people and be accessible. Physical and mental healthcare are all essential for the well-being of the nation. Residents of the province should be able to access health-care and wellness facilities within a 15-minute ride of every home and a major health facility within an hour. Equally these facilities must have adequate equipment and infrastructure,” she added.

Premier Panyaza Lesufi is expected to deliver Sopa at the Nasrec Expo Centre, where he would reflect on the progress made by the Gauteng Provincial Government in delivering on the commitments made to the people of Gauteng in the previous years.

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