RISE Mzansi promises jobs if elected

RISE Mzansi promises jobs if elected. Picture: Timothy Bernard African News Agency (ANA)

RISE Mzansi promises jobs if elected. Picture: Timothy Bernard African News Agency (ANA)

Published Apr 1, 2024


A few weeks ago, Statistics South Africa released its youth unemployment numbers, recording 32.1% unemployed young people in the fourth quarter of 2023. This is an increase of 0.2% from the third quarter, which recorded 31.9% young people who were not working.

Stats SA reported that the majority, 38.6%, of unemployed people did not complete matric, whereas those who did complete matric stood at 33.7%; unemployed graduates recorded at 9.6%.

Reacting to the shocking numbers, RISE Mzansi issued a statement ridiculing the ruling party’s incompetence in addressing youth unemployment, and urging South Africans to vote for the party which promised to deter further unemployment if it came to power after the elections.

RISE Mzansi Youth and Student Chapters Convenor, Lawrence Manaka, who spoke to The Star on Monday, explained that a successful economy needed ethical officials who would first uproot corruption in municipalities, and work towards for sustainable job creation.

“We are going to ensure that we create a job seekers package that will support young people in their pursuits to get work. The package will enable young people to be able to buy data, essentials and get them transportation, as soon as one gets employment it gets rolled over to the next person,” he added.

“However in order for this to happen you need to ensure you have a conducive economy that will be matched by the relevant skills to ensure it propels, as such you then need a massive re-skilling and skilling programme to ensure you align the needs of the economy with the education offered and the skills produced,” said Manaka.

Manaka said developing education infrastructure in rural areas and townships was part of the party’s mandate to upgrade the skills of young people to participate in the economy as employees and job creators.

The party also plans to stringent job requirements in the private sector.

“We are against the 35 year age cap that is currently in place, as we recognise that it disadvantages South African citizens from accessing the already tough job market. The goal is not to make job hunting hard but easy, and as such we are committed to eliminating the barriers that are preventing young people from getting jobs, such as a huge age experience for entry level jobs,” said Manaka.

RISE Mzansi will be picketing on Tuesday outside the Department of Employment and Labour.

Manaka added that the party would invest and equip the youth to run sustainable businesses through hubs meant for skills transfer, such as the seminars they’ve hosted in Gauteng focusing on small businesses.

“The goal is to ensure that capital is accessible, and that skills to ensure sustainability are taught to business owners so the business is sustainable,” he said.

Asked how will the party ensure ethical practice when hiring candidates for the long term, he said: “RISE Mzansi will ensure that we end nepotism, that we hire people based on meritocracy, people in leadership are well qualified for the job they do and that they reinforce ethical leadership; and frequent capacity building to ensure that a culture that is fair and transparent is built in.”

Moreover, the party outlined that it would improve the education system for black people to acquire quality education, and establish local businesses in townships for economic emancipation.

“⁠RISE Mzansi is committed to ensuring that all young people are well incorporated into the economy and as such, we are committed to ensuring that we fix township schools and reform education so young black people do not fall through the cracks of education and not achieve the necessary qualifications required for work,” said Manaka.

“We are committed to fixing the spatial planning issue that currently serves as an obstacle for people of all ages to get work or keep their work as a lot of their money is spent on transportation. As Rise Mzansi, we will ensure that we create vibrant local economies so everyone is well incorporated and works closer to home.”

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