Students encouraged to enrol at universities and colleges in China’s Liaoning Province

Professor Yang Jie, head of the delegation, Vice President of Liaoning Economic Vocational and Technical College. Picture: Itumeleng English.

Professor Yang Jie, head of the delegation, Vice President of Liaoning Economic Vocational and Technical College. Picture: Itumeleng English.

Published Jan 11, 2024


To foster new university and college exchange collaboration between South Africa and China, the Chinese international school organised “The Belt and Road” Overseas Promotion of Liaoning Universities in South Africa.

This was also to support African students studying in Liaoning, China, and enhance education and human resources co-operation between the two countries.

This happened after the two nations had marked the 25th anniversary of China and South Africa’s diplomatic ties, and their continue to work together to enhance communication and exchanges.

Professor Yang Jie, head of the delegation and vice-president of Liaoning Economic Vocational and Technical College, was among the dignitaries at the event.

She spoke about Liaoning Province, highlighting that it has a strong industrial foundation and “perfect infrastructure”, and that the equipment manufacturing industry and raw material industry occupy an important position in the country.

“Liaoning is known as ‘the eldest son of the People’s Republic of China’. New China’s first bucket of steel, the first machine tool, the first car, the first aircraft, and the first aircraft carrier are all from Liaoning.

“The strong industrial foundation has created a good higher education environment for Liaoning. There are 114 colleges and universities in Liaoning Province with complete professional categories, and the education level is among the best in China. Every year, thousands of international students from various countries come to Liaoning for further study.

“The purpose of this commendable gathering today is to further enhance China, Africa, and South Africa’s education and human resources co-operation. Liaoning Province also has a very active international student scholarship programme.

“The interaction between African and Chinese students contributes greatly to creating the next generation of scholars and elites who understand each other and who will combine their knowledge and skills to improve China-Africa co-operation. The fact is that China is the second largest economy in the world, and many students learn Mandarin to enable them to do business with China upon graduation.”

It was emphasised that Liaoning Province “attaches great importance to carrying out friendly exchanges with African countries”, and Liaoning has “unique advantages in helping Africa’s modernisation”.

Gentleman Professor Zhang Wei, Director, International Relation department, Shenyang Normal University.

Professor Zhang Wei, director of the International Relations Department at Shenyang Normal University, encouraged students to enrol in universities in Liaoning Province offering different courses: Shenyang Conservatory of Music; Shenyang Normal University; Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine; Liaoning University of Technology; andLiaoning Economy Vocational and Technical College.