Van Eck’s qualifications are authentic

Meloney van Eck. Picture: Supplied

Meloney van Eck. Picture: Supplied

Published Jan 28, 2024


After weeks of qualifications fraud revelations, Meloney van Eck, who was recently appointed to the audit and risk committee of the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GGDA), has come out guns blazing to prove her qualifications.

The Star can confirm that Van Eck’s qualifications, as seen on her CV, are authentic.

While the DA has previously red-flagged Van Eck, saying she wasn’t fit for the role and had suspicious links with MEC Tasneem Motara, Van Eck has produced copies of her qualifications.

Yesterday, private tertiary institution Stadio confirmed to The Star that Van Eck received her Bachelor of Business Administration (SAQA ID: 117863 specialisation in project management) in 2022.

The University of Pretoria has also confirmed to The Star that Van Eck had successfully completed an Advanced Management Development Programme. There is no evidence to suggest that Van Eck misrepresented her qualifications or experience.

“Entities in Economic Development have long been used as a shelter for corrupt cronies and the current MEC has also been under attack regarding many corruption and fraud allegations over the years regardless of the department that she is in,” DA shadow MEC Nicola du Plessis said on Wednesday.

Du Plessis was reacting to Van Eck’s appointment to the audit and risk committee of the GGDA.

Motara’s spokesperson, Bongiwe Gambu, said she had no comment other than that Van Eck’s appointment was above board.

“The MEC of Economic Development, Ms Tasneem Motara, has noted the questions and has no comment other than to say that the qualifications of Ms Van Eck were verified by an external and independent agency. The rest of the questions can be directed to the relevant parties,” Gambu said.

Van Eck also chairs a subsidiary of GGDA handling the automotive industry. During her stint at the Housing Development Agency, an investigation was initiated into alleged misconduct. However, the court exonerated Van Eck, citing what could have been a witch-hunt.

The mud-slinging over academic qualifications comes after President Cyril Ramaphosa’s economic adviser, Thabi Leoka, was found to have lied about holding a PhD from the London School of Economics.

Since this came to light, Leoka has lost her seat on the boards of major companies in the country, such as MTN South Africa, Remgro and Anglo American Platinum. She was also removed from the Presidential Economic Advisory Council.

Last year, the SIU announced it would be probing claims of maladministration at the University of Fort Hare after allegations came to light regarding the awarding of Honours degrees at the institution.

Former Eastern Cape premier Noxolo Kiviet was one of the leaders who was alleged to have fraudulently obtained her Honours in administration as well as a Master’s degree in public administration at the university.

The Kiviet probe comes after Cope member and former Tshwane mayor Murunwa Makwarela was also caught out when it was found that he had forged an insolvency certificate to allow him to continue serving as mayor.

Unisa Professor Boitumelo Senokoane said the mud-slinging could be expected as it was an election year.

“The issue to fake qualifications or misrepresentations on CVs should be considered as a serious offence. One can wonder how the president’s adviser could be caught in such a scandal. Where was the State Security vetting that should naturally vet such individuals?

“We must also examine the politics around these matters. For Van Eck, it seems as though one political party was trying to discredit her, unfairly so. If her qualifications are proven as I hear they are, Van Eck deserves an apology,” Senokoane said.

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