Top 5 destinations for solo female travellers

Solo traveller in Ubud, Indonesia. Picture: Jon Flobrant/Unsplash

Solo traveller in Ubud, Indonesia. Picture: Jon Flobrant/Unsplash

Published Sep 19, 2023


Travelling solo can be a truly liberating experience, seeing the wonders of the world on your own terms and at your own pace.

However, the nature of travelling unaccompanied to unfamiliar territories poses some serious safety risks.

With news that solo travel, particularly among women has seen an uptick in popularity, explored the best destinations for women looking to depart on their solo travel adventures.

Whilst safety is one of the most important factors to consider when travelling solo, especially among women, there are also an abundance of other factors which formulate a great destination and therefore’s research considered a plethora of other factors.

They analysed data on the average cost of one-way transport ticket, the number of group activities and tours per 100,000 people.

The average hotel price, the number of hostels per 100,000 people, crime index score, safety index score, average annual temperature, average annual amount of precipitation and the Gender Equality Index (GEI) rating, were all calculated.

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The Top 5 destinations for female solo travellers

1. Croatia, Europe

With a high safety index ranking of 73.9 and a low crime index ranking of 26.1, Croatia's beautiful shorelines can be admired and explored with the peace of mind that you are in safe surroundings.

Whilst the country doesn't boast the cheapest trip prices, it sits somewhere in the mid range and the $110 (about R2,000) average price of a hotel seems a moderate price to pay considering its position in the rankings.

2. New Zealand, Oceania

Boasting the lowest gender equality index rankings, female solo travellers in New Zealand can experience all its offerings in comfort knowing they are just as safe as their male counterparts - which unfortunately is not the case in all countries we have explored.

3. Portugal, Europe

The comparatively high safety index ranking of 69.3 and low crime index ranking of 30.7, coupled with the large volume of tours standing at 177 per 100,000, female travellers in Portugal will find themselves not only feeling safe to roam, but they will also find a myriad of excursions and fun things to do at their fingertips.

4. Sweden, Europe

Known admirably for its progressiveness as a country, it is unsurprising that Sweden takes one of the top spots on the list.

The nation will certainly make women feel at ease on their travels with a crime index ranking as low as 28.1 and a gender equity index ranking of 27.91.

5. Japan, Asia

Many will be pleased to learn that the much sought after destination of Japan has the lowest crime rate than anywhere else in the world, making it a safe bet when travelling alone as a woman.